April Nerd Block 2014 – Unboxing review type thing.

Nerd Block Unboxing for April 2014. Cosmic Kick
It’s here, it’s here, my Nerd Block is here! What is a Nerd Block you say? Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box full of mystery geeky items, including a guaranteed T-shirt. The company is based in Canada, so if like me you live outside of North America you will be paying a little extra for shipping, making the total price $34.99 (The shipping was excellent. I’ve never had an international item delivered so fast!). So is it worth it? Read on to find out.

This is my first block and expectations are high, so let’s get stuck in. Here’s what is in the April box:

Woo! First up, a Spider Man parody tee! I probably wouldn’t wear this outside because I’m not too fussed on the colour… I would of preferred black, green, red anything but cobalt blue. Too picky? Maybe. This will be my new nightie. Sex-ay! What’s next?!

A Hulk finger board? I’m not into these things at all! I mean, I’m a 29 year old woman, I have no use for this… Even when I was a kid I didn’t like them, and Hulk is laaaaame :((((( . It’s a lucky dip type item though. Your pack could contain any of the items seen in the image. Any of the top row would of been cool. Waaaa…
Nerd Block caters to nerds of all ages and interests though so I’ll stop whining and move swiftly on.

When I spotted the bee on the packaging of this item I mistook it for an Adventure Time figure, so I was a tad disappointed when I realised it was a Bravest Warriors figure. Has anyone seen this show? I hadn’t heard of it until today. This looks like a great quality figure though. If I was a fan of the show I would of loved this item. Still, it gets cool points for being Pendleton Ward related. I’ll check out the show sometime soon.

This is one of my favorite items from the box so far. An adorable mini Predator figure that hangs off of cables (this pic doesn’t do it justice. He looks badass in real life). He’s going on my office window blind cord to keep look out over the forest out back!

I was really hoping I wouldn’t get a Rabbid in my first Nerd Block. I aint played the game and they just look really annoying!! It’s a good quality product if you enjoy Rabbids, but I don’t.

I’ve saved my favorite Nerd Block item until last. A set of Kre-o Transformers. There are 5 in the collection that you piece together yourself. These lot are going to sit atop my monitor looking awesome.

You may notice in the image below, Optimus Prime only has one eye. He actually has two under that helmet, but I put his head on the wrong way and didn’t realise until after the picture was taken. For some he can only hold his gun in a gangster style side grip. You idiot, Prime! How will you ever defeat the Decepticons wielding your piece like that, fool!

So was it worth $34.99. If you love surprises like I do then yes, you’re going to love Nerd Block! The contents of this box + the super fast shipping are worth over $34.99. The whole experience is a lot of fun. Although I wasn’t overwhelmed by all of the items in this box, I’ve seen some of the past boxes and they look great. I’ll continue to subscribe to Nerd Block. They have some great giveaways over on their Facebook page too. Not only that but they sometimes add limited edition gifts as bonus items in random boxes upping the worth and the excitement factor!

Are you a Nerd Blocker? What about the competitors like Loot Crate? Ever tried them? Let me know what you think below.


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