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International Women’s Day: Six Women Who Inspire Me.

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It’s International Women’s Day! The day women across the globe celebrate each others achievements and continue to show support by empowering one another to believe in ourselves and become the best we can be. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of some of the women who inspire me (I could of gone on all day long with this post so I stuck to just a few), whom I hope will inspire you too! These are women who have not let societies gender roles and traditions hold them back, and I’m bloody well grateful!

There are hundreds of amazing women from history who have done great work to advance gender equality, but I want to focus on women in the here and now who inspire me on a daily basis. The kind of women who inspire me most are those who are completely unapologetic about their quirks and differences and who use them to their advantage, displaying them proudly for the world to see.


Tori Amos

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Tori has, and continues to accomplish so much in her music career. She’s used her art to tell countless stories of the joys and struggles that women have faced throughout history and still do face to this day. Often weaving them in to a web of mystical lyrics for the listener to interpret however they feel necessary. When it comes to her opinion on women’s rights she has always been vocal. Whether it’s done via her music or during interviews, Tori offers inspiration to women of all ages. She co-founded the Rape and Incest Society in the USA and wrote about her own sexual assault in the haunting  ‘Man With a Gun’. Recently Tori has spoken out about ageist sexism in the music industry.


[Edit: It’s just occurred to me that I’ve somehow bundled a band of four women in to one woman here. Oops! For the sake of time (of which I have none right now!) let’s just ignore this…] This all female LA band are hard to genrefy. They’re music is somewhere between hazy, psychedelic, indie, dream and pop rock, and it’s for this reason that they are on my list of inspirational women. Warpaint has achieved a sound that doesn’t need to prove itself, and they’re comfortable with not being labelled. Not exactly a radical statement, but in the heavily manufactured music industry it’s kind of a big deal for artists to stay true to their vision. Even more so for women.

Stacy Ann Chin

Stacyann is an amazing, fierce spoken word poet from Jamaica; now living in New York. I found her a few years back during one of my night-long Internet binges. My words won’t do her justice, so just watch this performance If Only Out of Vanity in which she passionately shouts about who she wants to be and what she wants to stand for and you’ll see why she’s on my list.

Annie Clark of St Vincent

Annie is one of the few women in current mainstream music who plays guitar (there are many others lurking out there on the edges). Her performances consist of guitar shredding, electronic space rock, choreographed dance routines and crowd surfing in heels. A combination which shouldn’t work, but she pulls it off so well. Whenever I watch her I feel inspired pick up my guitar, hook it up to the PC and attempt to create something new.

Grave Yard Girl

Bunny, aka Grave Yard Girl is an insanely popular YouTuber who’s known for her hilarious review videos and her quirky awkwardness. Even so, she has a down to earth personality and a genuine interest in her fan base. Judging by the comments section, her fans – who she’s named “The Swamp Family” after her love of crocodiles – seem to be mainly teens. I’m 30 now and I still love seeing her vid’s pop up in my feed. It makes me wish that I had a role model like her when I was in my teens, someone who said “Y’know, it’s okay to be a bit weird”. Sometimes she’ll upload a beauty review, sometimes a shopping video, sometimes a product review. Whatever the subject, her vid’s are always fun first, often offering words of empowerment and self acceptance to her readers.

Susan Cain

Introverts! If you haven’t done so already then you need to read Susan Cains bookQuiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Wont Stop Talking’. This book has completely changed my outlook on life. I first came across Susan on a TED talk where she talked about her own experience being an introvert. I identified with her story so much that I downloaded the Kindle book. Quiet helped me realise why I feel stressed out by a lot of every day situations, why I need more alone time than other people I know and most importantly it helped me identify my strengths, and did so with scientific evidence. Susan Cain is proof that you don’t have to be loud and outgoing to change peoples lives.


How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? Who are some of the women that inspire you? Let me know below!

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