Money-Making Inspiration: An Interview With Money Blogger Emma Drew


I’ve got an extra-special post for you to read on this oddly warm winter Sunday. A few weeks back, Emma Drew of money blog (formally known as From Aldi to Harrods) agreed to answer some of my most pressing questions (I had tons but managed to narrow them down to just 7) about her career and hobby: Making extra money! Maybe it’s one of your 2017 goals too (who doesn’t want to earn more?), or maybe you need some serious money-making inspo before Christmas. Either way, read on for some of Emma’s top tips and tricks.

Emma Drew Interview

Q – I’m absolutely obsessed with income reports and look forward to reading yours each month. What has been your best month so far and how did you do it?

A – August 2016 was a pretty amazing month for me! I had this goal of earning £5,000 in December 2016, and it was a pie in the sky number. In July I took a course in affiliate marketing and started making some changes to my blog. I couldn’t believe it when my entire income, after expenses, hit almost £6,200. It was mostly due to increasing my affiliate income, but you can read my August 2016 income report here.

Q – I still remember the first time I earned money online: I was 18 and I’d earned £4 via an American survey site. I couldn’t believe you could actually earn money whilst sitting on your couch at home! Do you remember the first time you earned money online? What was it and how did you feel?

A – It is a great feeling, isn’t it? I started eBay and surveys at the same time and I was amazed that you could make money from these things. I think the surveys were amounts under 50p (before I found decent survey websites!) but it still blew my mind. I had no idea that real life people could make substantial amounts of money online though.

Q – My favourite way to make money online is freelance writing. Your money-making philosophy is to have multiple income streams so that you never have to rely on just one. Which method do you enjoy the most?

A – I really enjoy affiliate marketing, because it can be a passive income. Affiliate marketing is where you recommend a product or a service to someone, and you earn a commission for any sales or sign ups you generate. The idea is that I write a blog post once, and then people visit it over and over again, so that the potential to make money is always there, even when I am not actively working.

Q – When it comes to planning my online income I’m so efficient – notebooks, to-do lists, reminders – but actually sticking to my plans is hard! You have so many income streams and websites. Do you have any tips for keeping on top of it all?

I have created a free money making daily checklist to help people who face this exact problem. There is so much out there, you could be paralysed by fear and just do nothing! This checklist is something I use to keep on track with what needs doing, and my daily progress.

Q – There’s no doubt about it; self-employment takes some serious motivation and determination. What drives you to continue working from home instead of packing it in for a regular salary?

A – There are so many perks to being self-employed, from being able to take sick days, to heading off to the beach in nice weather. What keeps me from getting a regular job with a salary is the earning potential! It is completely unlimited, and I love working to make myself richer.

Q – Do you have any last minute Christmas money making or saving tips?

A – It is never too late! Whether you’re heading to the reduction shelves on Christmas Eve, or you’re setting a budget, you can still save money before Christmas. The easiest way to make money before Christmas is to have a clear out. You can sell your unwanted items on eBay or local Facebook selling groups, not to mention sending things to websites like Music Magpie.

Q – You’re a huge Disney fan! On your blog you’ve wrote about how – thanks to your work – you can afford yearly Disney World holidays! Which Disney characters do you think would be the best and worst at money saving?

A – I LOVE this question! I think Rapunzel would be best at saving money – she’s been locked in a tower for almost her entire life, yet she entertains herself with baking, candle making, painting and lots more. She’s definitely thrifty. Ariel would be the worst at saving money, because she would spot too many whosits and whatsits to spend her money on.


Thanks for answering my questions Emma! I’m sure that’s given Cosmic Kick readers plenty of ideas to start upping their incomes.

How do you earn extra cash? Please share in the comments below. I love hearing your stories!

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