My 2017 Blog Goals

I feel like it’s been months since I’ve had a proper one to one with you guys. The chaos of moving home so many times last year and eventually moving back to my home town took it’s toll and after a minor freak-out (i.e. A total freaking break down and completely inability to get shit done. [EDIT: Although no where near as bad as the breakdown that was to come later in 2017!]) I think it’s about time for a catch-up So let’s kick off with my 2017 blog goals I’d love to hear what you have planned for your blogs, vlogs and other online endeavours this year so please leave me a comment below.

The “C” Word

Why not start off this list with the last word you want to hear right now: Christmas! *dun dun dun*

My first – and rather specific – goal of 2017 is to be involved in a Christmas in July campaign. Not sure what I’m talking about? Often brands, journalists and bloggers like to prep for Christmas very early in the year. In July, whilst you’re chilling on a beach somewhere getting a tan, brans like Iceland and John Lewis are creating Christmas dinners, Winter wonderlands and sending out festive packages to bloggers everywhere. Twitter starts to get flooded with #ChristmasInJuly posts, and this year I want a piece of the spout-filled action! I’m not entirely sure how to go about attaining this goal though. Any lovely PR people reading this? Hot me up!

More Blog Giveaways!

You might already know this, but I’m a comper. “What’s that?” I her you ask. A comper is someone who enters a lot of competitions as an addiction hobby. “Isn’t that gambling?”. Heck no! Comps are – for the most part – free to enter. In fact, you can find some over here.

Not only is running giveaways great for blog traffic, but as a comper myself, the only thing more exciting than winning a prize is giving prizes away.

Better Photography

Five years ago I bought myself a DSLR, and I still have struggle with the settings. This year I’m going to own it! I also want to set up a dedicated photography area at home with decent lighting. Which leads nicely to…

Regain My Work Space

Two years ago I had my own home office. Back then I didn’t really need the workspace. Ah, if only I’d known that freelance writing and blogging would be my passion and income back then! I miss it so much. This year I want – no scrap that – I need my own work space again. Concentration is a massive problem for me. I honestly don’t know how you office workers and mummy bloggers manage to do it with little’uns running around. If I’m not shut in a room alone with my head phones in I simply can’t focus.

Lights, Camera, Panic!

As someone who is super camera shy (I wont even Skype my own Mother), the thought of incorporating video in to my blog send shivers down my spine. I love watching Youtubers do their thing, but as soon as I turn my own cam on and start speaking it all feels so awkward and cringey. Even so, there are times when video would get my message across much easier than writing. I’ve got to conquer this one this year.

How do you guys do it? Do you have any advice?

Take 12 Trips

This goal is half blog related/half personal. I’ve barely travelled in the last few years. As a teen I imaged that by 32 I’d of seen most of the world by now! But – as it does for most people – life got in the way and travel took a backseat. I’ve visited America and Europe a few times but that was years ago and I’m so ready for more. So, even if it’s just wild camping around the coast line, this year I’m going to attempt to join the #Take12Trips challenge. You can learn more about the challenge over at Need Another Holiday.


And that’s it for my 2017 blog goals. Tomorrow I’ll update you with my personal 2017 goals. In the mean time I’d love to hear what you have planned this year. Let me know below.