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Clicks of Awesome: Life Update and Internet Stuff

Clicks of Awesome June 2017 Cosmic Kick Blog Post

Life Update

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Clicks of Awesome, hasn’t it? It’s crazy to think I’ve moved home 4 times since the last instalment. Isn’t it about time we had a little nosey in to each others browser histories again? 😀  But first, tell me: What have you been up to lately?

Getting Shit Done

I kicked the week off by doing something I’ve never done before: I finally created a 5 year plan! I mean, I’m 32. This is probably something I should have done a decade ago, but whatever. I was busy back then moving city and spending all of my hard earned retail wages on seeing my favourite bands. I had no time for plans!

So why start now? Well, my life so far has been chaotic. I done some amazing things, but not much that’s given me any long-term meaning or purpose. The amazing thing would happen and once it was over I’d be back to square one. Eventually my aimless life has left me worse off than I started. So, I figured that creating a life of meaning is going to require a little long-term planning. I took two whole days to work out where I’m going. All it took was a pen, a notepad and some brutal introspection.

New Blogging Ventures

This new approach to life got me thinking about my blogging and freelance work. Cosmic Kick has come a long way, but I’m certain it could do much better. So I started planning a revamp of this blog. A new host, a new theme and a new focus. I’m going to focus on creating more technology and home content than before.

This led to me starting a second blog in a new niche. I’m keeping it on the down low for now, but as soon as it’s ready you’ll be the first to know 😉 Sign up here to my new newsletter to be kept up to date.

By this point I was addicted to fixing my life, so I took another day to make a whole new work schedule, which by the way is working so much better than my previous mess. Then I tidied up my social media and cleaned out 3 years of crap from my Pinterest. It’s looking much tidier over there now.

Beach Day!

After that I needed a day out, so on Wednesday, W and I visited Southport beach for the first time in a decade. It was so sunny and not the kind of day to be wearing black jeans… which is exactly what I wore. We went with the intention of having fish and chips by the beach, but ended up in a KFC on the promenade because HOLY AIR-CONDITIONING! Plus, they have a great view over to Blackpool Tower.

After a walk up the pier – and pulling my ankle – I limped to an ice cream stand and had a odd-but-delicious combo of bright blue bubblegum and honey comb in a crispy waffle cone, whilst watching an old guy who’d apparently been on Britain’s Got Talent 6 years ago, dancing on a bandstand.

Since then I’ve been at home nursing my sore ankle – avoiding the obvious solution of going to the doctor – and sticking to my new work schedule. I swear, I’ve learned more about blogging in the past week than I have in the past year!

Southport Pier overlooking sand on a sunny cloudy blue sky day. Cosmic Kick Blog Post

Clicks of Awesome

I treated myself to some bits from Dorothy Perkins this week. This oh-so-casual khaki summer dress, a beautiful kimono and the perfect black camisole top for summer (all of which are now in their 50% off sale. Typical!). I’m loving the DP Curve range right now. Everything I’ve bought from there fits so well.

In my downtime I went on an afternoon-long binge of Jemma’s Cupcake videos. I love watching her channel. She’s so down to earth and seems like a laugh, and her cakes recipes always look so tasty. Here; have a look at these Cherry Bakewell cupcakes. I want to make these for W but I’m not sure that cherry piping would end up on the cakes though…

Did you watch Katy Perry’s non-stop Witness live stream on YouTube last weekend? At some point she started talking about her favourite quirky designers and she mentioned Betsy Johnson. I’d heard the name before so went  to check out her pieces and OMG check out this ridiculously kitsch cross-body bag, complete with an impractical but fully functional telephone handset attachment.

Hey 90s kids. Remember Fun House? Remember how much you dreamed of grabbing your own prize tokens from Pat Sharp’s giant mullet? Well soon you might be able to do it in real life. An IndieGoGo campaign has been launched to raise money to build a real life Fun House with Pat and the Twins hosting the show 😮 !

Buzzfeed’s Bring Me Facebook page shared a video of the coolest looking waterpark I’ve ever seen. It’s called Tropical Islands, it’s just outside of Berlin and is completely contained inside a giant repurposed airplane hanger. They have slides, beaches, camping and hot freaking air balloons! 😮

Awesome Blog Posts

Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy wrote about her new found body confidence this week. I’m so feeling this right now. Good luck with the half marathon later this year Emily!

Here’s another link for the 90s kids. Cassie from Cassiefairy blogged about her trip to FriendsFest last year; specifically her love of Monica’s apartment. I missed FriendsFest so seeing the set from a new perspective is so exciting!

I’ve been learning as much as possible about Anxiety lately. Ever since reading ‘Loving the Life Less Lived‘, I’ve been on a mission to accept this condition and learn ways to cope. During one of my searches I found The Anxiety Lass. I’ve completely fallen in love with this blog and this post.

That’s it for this week. Let’s not leave it so long next time, shall we?

This post contains affiliate links.

Sunny Day, blue sky and fluggy clouds. southport-lake-cosmic-kick-angela-kate-webster









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