Father’s Day: That Time When Dad Taught Me How To Drive

There’s just one week to go until international give a Dad a pair of socks day! Of course, you don’t have to get your Dad a pair of socks this Father’s Day? I’ve been hunting high and low for a unique last minute gift for my old man and it’s got me thinking about all the fun we’ve had over the years. Like the time when he tried to teach me to drive…

My first driving experience was back in the ‘90s when I was around 15 years old. Dad and I were enjoying a day out at sunny Southport. By the afternoon we had walked the pier, browsed the fairground and eaten chips with ice cream (not literally with ice cream, although that might just work…). Our day was almost done, but just before we left the seaside I somehow managed to convince my Dad that giving me a driving lesson in his weathered-but-reliable old Astra on the beach would be a fantastic end to the day.

We drove down the stone ramp on to the boy-racer filled beach (of all the places to race, Southport beach isn’t the first place that comes to mind, but there they were there in all of their souped-up glory) swapped seats and Dad talked me through the basics; Seatbelt, gears, wheel and ignition. After a few stutters I started moving slowly up the beach, and before you could say “quicksand” I was whizzing along with confidence, Weezer’s Pinkerton blasting on the cassette player.

“Alright, now slow down.” Dad said patiently. There was just one problem: I had no idea how to stop the vehicle. My foot decided to take control of the situation for me. “I’ll just push down on the accelerator harder” it told my brain. So now we were hurtling up the beach and I was having visions of crashing through Pontins gates. [I should say at this point, the beach was empty: No sunbathers were harmed during the making of this blog post.] I looked at my Dad who at this point was turning red with frustration; “How?!” I asked. Eventually we managed to stop the car without gate-crashing any renditions of Agadoo.

As we left the beach Dad noticed something: A nail in one of his tyres; Not good! Now Dad’s always been great at car maintenance and safety, always checking the car over before for leaving a long journey, so we surmised that I’d driven over it somewhere on the beach. Damn! Needless to say, that was the first and last time I drove Dad’s car.

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Father’s Day is June the 19th so if you haven’t bought your Dad a card you need to get a move on.

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