Guest posts you may have missed.

In my last post I explained why Cosmic Kick has been quiet for a while. Although this blog was less active, I did manage to get out a few guest posts out there during the move. So for those who missed them, I’ll whip ’em up in to a quick round-up post for you reading pleasure.

Mel of The Diary of a Jewellery Lover runs an awesome Meet the Blogger series and I was featured a few weeks back! I enjoyed answering Mel’s questions. They got me thinking about why I started blogging and what I’ve learned along the way. It’s so easy to lose track of it all!

I wrote two guest posts for Exponential-e’s blog. I’ve been writing content for them on a monthly basis now for a while. The blog features tons of tech news and opinions. Here’s a post I wrote titled The Importance of Video in Content Marketing, and a second; How to Curb Tech Induced Procrastination.

Tech bloggers among you might like to know that I’ve started posting a monthly tech blog round-up over on the UK Bloggers blog. I’m looking for around 10 bloggers to feature every month, so if you’ve written something gadget or tech related be sure to get involved with the UK Bloggers Facebook group and keep an eye out for my request. Read the April post here and the May post over here.

And finally, I wrote a guest post for Rebecca over at All About U while she jetted off on holiday last month featuring some of the lastest beauty tech innovations: Beauty tech: The future’s bright eyed and clear skinned!

Have you written any awesome guest posts lately that you’d love to show off? Feel free to link them below!

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