October Life Goals 2018

Between the blistering heat of the summer, returning to education, and becoming glued to the hilarious sim management game, Two Point Hospital, I’ve really let this monthly goals thing slide. Which is a shame because, unlike a lot of planning methods, goal tracking really works for me. So it’s time to get back on the wagon and set up some more goals for this October!

You know what makes goal planning easier? Motivation! So I want to hear about your summer too. Did you hit your summer goals this year? Let me know down below.



July Goals Update

Goal: Go camping.
Complete?: No. By the time pay day had rolled around and I was ready to buy a tent, summer was almost over and I’d completely lost interest in camping. I’d left it too damn late again. I need to return to this goal a few months earlier next year to get the most out of the sunshiny months.










Goal: Get a haircut.
Complete? Yes! I finally did it and, as with all of these stupid anxieties, it was way easier than expected. The cut was a bit shorter than planned, but the shape suits me so much more than the scraggly rats tail my hair had turned in to.

Goal: Read another book… to the end.
Complete? I didn’t just finish 1 book. I managed to finish 3 that month and a few more since. For someone who hadn’t finished a book in years, that’s an accomplishment. Of course, I’ve started a dozen more, but that’s okay. If you’re a slow reader, persevere. Reading daily really does improve your speed.

Goal: Take good quality photos.
Complete? No. I’m not feeling cameras at all lately. Which sounds like a weird thing to say, especially these days when communication is so visual. So I’ve barely used my camera at all this summer.

Goal: Post at least twice a week.
Complete? No. And boy, do I feel guilty! I love blogging, but I’ve been going through so many shifts in my personal life and in my mind set over the past year that my blog has been sat on the back burner, and whenever I find myself back at my dashboard I end up just staring at her like “Girl, what are we even doing?”. This isn’t what I’d planned for Cosmic Kick!

Goal: Paint for an hour a day.
Complete? Yes… for one day. I don’t even have any excuses.

Goal: Work out 3 times a week.
Complete? lol, no. I didn’t even average once a week! I have to get this lazy ass to the gym.

Well, I really fudged July. I’ve got hope for October though!

October Life Goals 2018

Goal: Get more daylight.
Why?: SAD (seasonal affective disorder) will effect so many of us in the northern hemisphere in the coming months. It’s only a matter of weeks before I deplete my vitamin D reserves and turn full depressed vampire. But, no more of that shit. This year I vow to be the most festive bitch on the block, and I can’t do that if I’m feeling down.
How?: Daily walks. Buy a SAD lamp for the really dark days.

Goal: Empty inbox.
Why?: At time of writing, my personal inbox contains over 15,000 unreal emails. What the hell?! And I just know it’s 95% retails newsletters dating back to 2015. This is what happens when you’re a comping addict (that is; someone addicted to entering competitions). This needs sorting before my Uni course officially starts and I start losing important emails.
How?: Set aside an entire afternoon, stock up on coffee and get to work.


















Goal: Finish more books.
Why?: Because I’ve fallen in love with reading again.
How?: I’ve been using sticky bookmarks to split books in to 7. I read a 1/7th every day, meaning I finish 1 book a week. So simple but it keeps me on track so I’ll keep it up.

Goal: Join gym.
Why?: Uuuurgh, I’ve wanted to do this for ages but still haven’t got around to it. I feel like it’s more important now than ever though. Exercise helps the brain to function properly, and I’m not sure if it’s age or my sedentary lifestyle, but my brain is sloooow. I’ve just started studying maths and physics and it’s going to take work. I need this bitch to wake up!
How?: There isn’t much to this. Just get up, walk to the gym, use the gym. Collapse in a puddle of sweat after 5 minutes. Repeat at least 3 times a week.

Goal: Clear my Todoist app.
Why?: My Todoist resembles my email inbox right now. Weeks worth of overdue items. It ain’t pretty.
How?: Complete at least 2 overdue items a day.

Goal: Buy entire autumn wardrobe on eBay.
Why?: I loathe clothes shopping, but clothes shopping on eBay is an entirely different experience. I’m not restricted to current trends and there are so many bargains to be had. Just last month I picked up brand new Clarks shoes for under a tenner, brand new Next shoes for a fiver, and new £70 John Lewis bag for a £11. If I keep finding bargains like this I’m not sure I’ll go shopping irl ever again!
How?: Plan my autumn outfits on Pinterest and buy pieces that resemble them on eBay.

Goal: Fall in love with blogging all over again.
Why?: Next year is my 10 year bloggerversary. I don’t want to give up on my baby. We’re only just getting started!
How?: Read more blogs in my niche. Revamp Cosmic Kick. Take new profile photos. Buy a new theme.

Thanks for reading. It was another long one! I want to know what your goals for October are. Let me know below 🌟

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