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June Life Goals 2018

June Life Goals . Stationery items, a laptop and a candle on a desk.

May 2018 is done and dusted! How was it for you? I got so much done last month that I genuinely scared myself. Maybe it’s down to the blazing sunshine that Liverpool has had lately, or maybe I finally found the right combo of vitamin tablets, or maybe it was almost daily smoothies sending super veggie power to my brain. But something is working. So for now I’m not going to question it too much and instead, simply to enjoy the prospect that I might just have mastered the art of getting shit done!

For June, I’ve decided to ramp up the productivity and begin setting monthly goals here on the blog too. Publishing my plans publicly helps me to keep them at the forefront of my mind and I’m more likely to complete them, or at least prepare to complete them in the future. So here’s seven things I want completed by July. 



June Life Goals 2018

Goal: Make a start on my Sasha Velour Cross Stitch.
Why?: I want a unique cross stitch project. Sasha’s drag looks are bold, artsy and colourful so they’ll really pop in cross stitch.
How?: Buy threads; Finalise cross stitch chart; Start stitching! 

Goal: Escape to the country.
Why?: The city concrete is really getting to me! I need to see wildlife and breathe fresh air before I go cray.
How?: Find a beginners walking route that’s reachable by train. Plan a date. Book ticket. Pack day bag. Go! 

Goal: Lose some weight.
Why?: Prevention. I’ve gained a lot of weight over the years and it’s not great for PCOS. I don’t want diabetes or heart disease, and since turning 30 being overweight has felt like hard work! I’d imagine it’s only going to get harder with age.
How?: Keep up the good habits I’ve adopted: Increased water intake, no sugary drinks etc. Being prepared is key: Plan meals every night. Stop the late-night trips to the corner shop. Walk at least 4 times a week.  

Goal: Join a modern choir.
Why?: I’ve always loved singing but – apart from the odd drunken karaoke – I’ve lacked the confidence to do it publicly. Plus it’s great stress relief, and we can never have enough of that in our lives.
How?: Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll complete this one. It’s a little too far outside of my comfort zone. But who knows! I need to check out my local choirs, overcome my anxiety to attend, and then pluck up the courage to actually sing.  


Goal: Finish reading Sapiens. A Brief History of Humankind.
Why?: I have so many unfinished books. I want to work through them so I can add more to my library. Sapiens is an engaging and fascinating read, but evolutionary history is kinda depressing so I’m finding this one hard to finish. Although clever, us sapiens have been a right bunch of arseholes to the rest of our ecosystem.
How?: Vow to read at least 15 pages a day at least.  


Goal: Relaunch my Etsy store.
Why?: Cross stitch has been a huge factor in managing my anxiety and I want other’s to discover it’s benefits. So I’ve started designing patterns to sell in my Etsy store.
How?: Finalise the cross stitch patterns I’ve been working on; plan branding; upload patterns; create a new Instagram account to market my store. 

Goal: Increase followers on Pinterest.
Why?: Last year I worked with a brand on creating a Pinterest board and I loved it! Getting paid to Pin is one of the most fun ways to earn money and I would love the opportunity to do more of it. But first I need more Pinterest influence.
How?: Honesty, I’m not entirely sure. I need to do a little research on Pinterest growth. Luckily I’ve been creating a social media strategy board just for that! 


Got advice that could help me complete any of my June goals? What goals are you setting for next month? Tell me all about them below! 


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