On Repeat: My 2016 Soundtrack So Far.


I haven’t done an On Repeat post for months! We’re well overdue an update. If you’re new around these parts, On Repeat is an ongoing series where I share albums – old and new – that I can’t get enough of.

The past 5 months have been hard for music fans. From the despicable terrorist attacks in Paris to the deaths of musical legends David Bowie and Motorhead’s Lemmy, we need music therapy now more than ever. I’ve found myself falling in love with old albums all over again as well as seeking out more experimental stuff, and I’ve even gone as far as (shock horror!) finally getting around to listening to Justin Bieber. Apart from Baby, I’d somehow managed to avoid listening to him until a few months back, but you know, it wasn’t the hellish experience I’d expected and I ended up playing Where Are Ü Now every day for weeks.

I wanted to list so many more but this post would of gone on way too long, so here are five of my most listened to albums of 2016 so far.

Grimes – Art Angels


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Genre: Art Pop/Synth Pop
Best for: If you’re feeling fragile and need a lift this is your painkiller.
How you’ll feel: Lighter, happier, stronger!

Track 4 – Flesh Without Blood: Imagine 80s Malibu Barbie has had a massive falling out with her plastic fake friends and she’s decided to go her own way.
Track 7 – Kill V, Maim: A middle finger to abusive men, or maybe male privilege? I have no idea. It’s really catchy though.
Track 12 – Venus Fly: You’ll feel the urge to turn up the volume. A song about objectification of women in music. This song has some serious bass! Think Boom Boom Pow by Black eyed Peas or Who Run The World by Beyonce.

Peaches – Rub 

peaches rub album cover art

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(VERY NSFW lyrics and video. You have been warned…)

Genre: Electro/Techno/Synth Pop
Best for: When you’re feeling primal! (Also makes great background music for writing work).
How you’ll feel: Liberated! Peaches has been pushing the boundaries of feminism and gender for over a decade and she does it so well.


Track 2 – Rub: Gender fluid Peaches gives a lesson in sexual freedom.
Track 5 – Sick In The Head: Punkiest track from the album. You’ll want to jump around to this one.
Track 8 – Vaginaplasty: A song about being proud of having a big vagina. Really.
Track 9 – Light In Places: Feels slightly out of place compared to the full frontal sexual theme of the rest of the album, but a really gorgeous disco-esque sound.

David Bowie – Blackstar

david bowie blackstar album cover art

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Genre: Experimental rock/Jazz/Electron/Bowie
Best for: You’re armed with your headphones and you want to listen to something deep, alone.
How you’ll feel: In awe of Bowie’s bravery and artistic legacy.

Track 1 – Blackstar: This track is Bowie in a nutshell. Listen alone with your eyes closed and let the music guide you on a haunting 10 minute journey through different musical landscapes. Pure magic.
Track 3 – Lazerus: The context is what makes this song the highlight of Blackstar. In the somewhat cryptic video for Lazerus – released just 3 days before he passed away – Bowie foreshadows his own tragic demise in a harrowing but honest depiction of his death. He starts with fear and desperation at the beginning of the song and fades out with acceptance of his fate. I cried. A lot.
Track 4 – Sue (Or In A Season of Crime): Doing a complete emotional U-turn from Lazerus (the song), this high paced number from Bowies stage play, Lazerus (the stage play) is given a drum and bass makeover for Blackstar.

Tricot – A N D


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Genre: Math rock.
Best for: You want to be taken far away from a boring task; driving, cleaning, repetitive work etc.
How you’ll feel: For an album I literally don’t understand, this band cheers me up no end.

Track – E: That bassline!
Track – Niwa: Those drums!
Track – CBG: Those vocals!

Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool.

wolf alice my love is cool album art cover

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Genre: Alternative Rock.
Best for: You’ve just woken up and you’re having problems adjusting to reality. This album will ease you in to the day.
How you’ll feel: Grounded, centred and most importantly, awake!

Track – Turn to Dust: The beautiful vocals make this the perfect song to listen to at the beginning of the day.
Track – Your Loves Whore: You’ll be left panging for the 90s, in the best possible way.
Track – Giant Peach: One of the more powerful rock tracks off the album.
Track – Fluffy: Like early Foo Fighters? You’ll love this track.

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If you don’t already subscribe to a music streaming service check out Apple’s streaming service, Apple Music. I’m a huge fan and have been subscribed since last September. I’ve discovered tons of amazing new music since subscribing. All of these albums and millions more are available to stream on Apple products, PC’s Android phones and tablets. Their Beats One radio station features exclusive weekly radio shows from the likes of Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, St Vincent and Major Lazer. If you’re a serious music fan try out their free 3 month trial by clicking the banner below.

What have you been listening to? If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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