My Geek Box: What’s Inside the Toons Box?


If you dream of turning your home, room or office in to a sacred shrine to Geek-dom then you might want to consider a subscription box. I recently had the chance to try out My Geek Box when they sent over one of their Toons themed boxes to show you.

Regular readers will already know I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes and like to try out a few every year. They make excellent value Christmas presents too that can be enjoyed right in to the New Year.

My Geek Box is a monthly themed subscription box that costs £17.99 including delivery, but pay for your boxes in advance and you’ll make some nice savings!


What’s Inside My Geek Box?

Opening subscription boxes is always so much fun! Remember when your Mum would treat you to one of these babies after school? It’s kinda feels like that, only better!

My Geek Box Toons box contains:

  • A Simpsons strawberry doughnut travel pillow/window decoration thingy,
  • Mini Wonka Gob-stoppers,
  • Family Guy socks featuring Stewie with his catchphrase “Vengeance shall be mine!”,
  • A Minions keyring.
  • A Mickey Mouse inspired T-Shirt,
  • Adventure Time wrist bands
  • …and my favourite item: An Inflatable ‘Finn’s sword’ from Adventure Time!

What a great selection of goodies! The t-shirt is much softer than those I’ve had in other subscription boxes and the Simpsons pillow is so handy. It will be great for travelling, although it does have a knock on effect of influencing me to buy strawberry doughnuts every time I go shopping (*Homer voice* “mmmm frosting”)…

November’s My Geek Box is themed ‘Movies and Television’ so if binge-watching and geeking out over Netflix is your thing you should check that out. Right now they have an offer on. Buy a box and get an additional welcome box free. To learn more head over to the My Geek Box site.

What’s your favourite ‘toon? For me it doesn’t get better than South Park. I’ve just started watching Rick and Morty too which is hilarious!

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