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New Mindset, New Resolutions for 2018

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Have you planned your New Years resolutions yet? Woah, I can almost hear the collective sigh that half of you made just reading that question! I get it, making new year’s resolutions is kinda dumb. January 1st just another day. “How am I supposed to suddenly muster the motivation to start something I’ve been putting off for years, overnight?!”

It’s a good argument against the annual task – or chore depending on how you view them. On the other hand though, a new year is the perfect time to start rethinking your life path. Yes, it’s just another day, but with the Christmas glitter settled and the new year hangover just a twinkle in your eye, there’s no better time to reassess your life goals than the down time between Christmas and January 1st.

Life is ever changing, so it makes sense to revise our plans whenever the opportunity arises. We might not even come close to fulfilling our resolutions, but as long as we aim for something we’ll keep on moving, instead of becoming lost, stagnant and bored with life.


“But Ange, you didn’t even stick to your 2017 goals!”

So my 2017 didn’t go to plan at all. I met my new friend, panic disorder who took up a lot of my time, and my blog goals went out of the window half way through the year. But hey, I managed to get 2 out of 5 of my 2017 goals completed! Here’s a quick review of how I did:

Christmas in July event – Nope. Not even close. I wasn’t feeling social at all back then, but there’s always 2018!

More blog giveaways – Yes! I ran some awesome giveaways this year with the likes of Melody Maison, and loads more. I’ll be running more giveaways this year so make sure you’re signed up to the Cosmic Kick newsletter!

Better photography – Heck no! In fact, it’s gotten way worse! I’ve never used so much stock imagery as I have this year. I’ll be carrying this one over to 2018

Regain my workspace – Woo, yes! And just in the nick of time. This year I moved to a good sized one bedroom flat with just enough room to turn one corner of the bedroom in to a little work area. I bought a cheap desk off amazon for the bedroom which doubles up as a dressing table and plan to get a little two-seater for a reading nook. It’s not as roomy as my old office, but it’s my work space and I love it!

Start creating video content – Nope! For the same reason I didn’t get involved in Christmas in July events. My mind wasn’t ready for video land.

Take 12 Trips – No *cry face*. I was waaay too stressed to travel. I made a grand total of one anxiety inducing trip to Manchester, which turned out to be a lot of fun!


So what are my 2018 plans? 

There were some real low points this year. I feel like I’ve been to hell and back. Sounds dramatic, but if you’ve ever been consumed by severe panic attacks and depression you’ll know what I’m talking about. But every time I reached out, there was someone there to shine a light down and remind me I wasn’t trapped there forever. Over time I was able to see my way out of that icky mental underworld I’d got lost in. In 2018 my main goal is to be there for people who need to borrow my torch. But I have a few more goals too;


Take 12 trips

Let’s try this one again. As mentioned above, 2017 wasn’t the best for me to travel. I totted up a grand total of three hotel stays, and I didn’t blog about any of them! Besides, two of those were visiting family so they don’t count as explorative travel.  

This year I’m feeling mentally tougher and I want to visit as many places as possible. More of the coastline, more castles and more UK cities!  

Travelling as a couple is so much fun, but I really want to challenge my agoraphobia and do some solo travel this year too.  


Post more frequently 

If only I completed all of the blog posts I started, this blog would be updated on the daily! I have tons of ideas but 90% of them never make it to editing stage. In 2018 I want to ramp up my productivity (please, send tips!) and write more useful content, including more on mental health, music and travel. 


Take more photos  

I’m so grateful that stock photos exist, but taking your own photos helps to build a blogs brand and theme and makes a blog look at feel more unique. It’s time to dig out “the big camera” again. 


Get educated 

The more skills you have, the easier life gets. This is as true for blogging as it is anything. So next year I want to take a couple of blog related courses. Starting with photography – something I probably should have done a looong time ago – followed by some social media marketing, and if I’m feeling really brave, I might even move on to video content! *dun dun duuuuuun* 


More family time 

Because it makes sense to be around those who you care about and who love you. And I haven’t done that enough over the past few years. 


Take care of my mental health 

“Self Care”. I always found the term kinda cheesy. That was until my own mental health spiraled out of control and I realised I hadn’t taken care of myself in ages! I barely allowed myself to have fun (outside of comfort eating that is, which let’s face it, is super fun). No video games, no films, no TV, no time for painting. I even stopped leaving the house for a while.  

Now I understand what self care means. We have so many distractions these days that it’s easy to forget you are a living, breathing animal that needs to switch off now and then to take care of your body and mind. Massages, snuggly bed days, beach days, meditation, walking, dancing. Self care is essential for a full and healthy life. So in 2018 I’ll be making sure I do at least one self care activity a day.   


Take care of my physical health 

Like millions of other people around the world,  I’ll be joining the gym next week. And this time I’m sticking to it. No really! 


Be more creative 

The time I spent in that mental underworld I spoke about earlier got me thinking a lot about what it means to exist as a human. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious point to any of this life stuff. But us humans are unique to everything else in existence – at least the stuff that we know of so far. We are able to envision and create everything from a sandwich to a painting to space travel!  

I’m won’t be competing with Elon Musk any time soon, but I do believe now that we should all try to create as much as possible. We’ve evolved to create. Our creations bring other humans together and give us a sense of purpose. So this year I’m going to create more. Even if I just fill a few sketch books, or write a few songs, or learn to cook like a grown up! 


Are you planning anything for 2018? Tell me all about it down below. And if you liked this post why not subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media! 

Thanks for being here through 2017 and enjoy your New Years Eve celebrations! 

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