Nine Inch Nails Cardiff, UK 2014 Gig.

There is no better sight on the planet than a NIN logo lit up in all it’s glory!

I got to see Nine Inch Nails again yesterday! Cardiff doesn’t get many big name rock bands so when NIN announced a date here in Wales back last winter of course I had to get tickets. If they announced a one off show in outback Australia I would be there. After seeing NIN more times than I can remember, you would think it might become stale, but no. They get better every time. Every show I’ve seen has been completely different to the last.

Last nights stage set was beautiful. Over the years as Trent’s on stage aggression has become more subtle and as technology has advanced, light has gradually been used more and more to convey the emotions of his music. Trent and his stage crew pay massive attention to detail resulting in a complex show that is so seamless you would be forgiven for thinking it was effortless, but pay attention and you’ll notice Trent and his team are in constant communication. Hand signalling, running back and forth replacing items and fixing things. There’s a lot going on here, the set is always moving, always changing. 

Nine Inch Nails use amazing audio equipment which I know nothing about, but their live sound is more high definition and crystal clear than any other band I’ve seen live.While the music is often distorted, pounding and aggressive I never wake up the next day with buzzing in my ears like I do after most gigs.

During the US leg of the tour there seemed to more happening on stage. Last nights show didn’t feature the female backing singers, which I was a tiny bit disappointed about. It would of been nice to see how that version of NIN sounded live. Those women did an amazing job on Even Deeper and While I’m Still Here. Such powerful voices. I’m pretty sure the US shows had more stage lighting and effects too.

There were some surprises on the Cardiff setlist. They ditched Piggy, which I thought they played at every show ever! Letting You was unexpected. Something I Can Never Have was accompanied by beautiful lighting and the new rendition of Sanctified sounds great live. I think I prefer it to the original. The Becoming is probably one of my favourite NIN tracks and I don’t recall seeing that live, so when that came on I was ecstatic. Beside You In Time gave me goose bumps, another one I’d previously not heard live.

Aside from actually getting on stage and playing with Nine Inch Nails (I can dream if I want to!) no NIN gig will ever beat last years Belfast Belsonic experience (TR eye contact, omg fan girl sqeee!). Nothing beats being front center stage, the set was bigger and even more impressive and the crowd there were so into the music. There was such a good energy in Customs Square and outdoor gigs are so much more fun. That being said, I’m tempted to buy tickets for the rest of the tour. Even if it you attended the worst NIN gig ever performed, it’s still going to be the best gig of your life!

If you have the chance to see Nine Inch Nails while they are in the UK go for it. No matter what genre of music you are in to. You wont regret it.

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