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A round up of the music that has been playing through my speakers over the past week. Check out the tracks and albums mentioned and let me know in the comments what you’re listening to at the moment. I’m always on the look out for new music so share below!

Back at the end of September Rancid posted this vid on YouTube. Three tracks from their upcoming album Honor Is All We Know played live in all their glory. While I’ve enjoyed their side projects I’m glad Rancid are back in action. It’s been five years since their last album and this is exactly the come back I’d hoped for. I’m mostly enjoying Evil’s My Friend which has similar ska undertones to Old Friend from their ’95 album Out Come The Wolves. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album and can’t wait for their next tour!

After the horrendous Earthquakey People collaboration Rivers Cuomo did with Steve Aoki (I hated it!) I needed some serious ear bleach. It took 3 years but finally I have my wish in the form of Back to the Shack. A simple, classic Weezer format. A couple of simple power chords, catchy lyrics and a drum beat I can dance/nod/jump around to. Nice!

We established in an earlier post that I’m a complete Trent Reznor fan girl so obviously this next one was going to be a firm favorite. The soundtrack for the film Gone Girl was released last month and has been playing in my office almost every evening since. It was written and produced by both Reznor and How to destroy Angels band mate Atticus Ross who also worked with Reznor on another of my favorite soundtracks, The Social Network. The score conveys the emotions of the story so well I feel that I’ve already seen the film. Tracks full of mystery, deception, guilt, denial. This is what TR does best. He beautifully portrays human emotion through his music. Favorite tracks are Background Noise and The Way He Looks At Me. If you are looking for music to work to this is the album for you.

Mastadon caused a big stink with their video for new single The Motherload last week. The video starts out like all good metal vid’s do. Sepia coloured, dying branches, Ouija board, shaky close up band cam. Then suddenly out of nowhere comes big flapping ass cheeks and a psychedelic kaleidoscope of booty. This made the internet sad, again. Some said it was sexist but I don’t see how it’s any more sexist than most music videos these days. Some say it’s racist, poking fun at hip hop culture, but the video also mocks metal culture with it’s slightly exaggerated, stereotypical metal video intro. I personally thought the video was stupid, and I’m pretty sure that was the bands intention. Band member Brann Dailor told Pitchfork ” We just wanted to put something into our music video that people would probably think, ‘That shouldn’t be there,’ or, ‘Those two things don’t go together, they shouldn’t be together.’ I wanted to just put them together because we can”. Even one of the dancers spoke out to address the madness. The track itself is awesome though and is best listened to at full volume upon waking.

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