Poor Women: More for us to feel old and saggy about…..

I’ve never been a massive fan of the whole Anti-Ageing thing. You may think it’s because I am 25 and don’t yet have a need to worry about signs of aging (that’s not what a so called beauty expert would tell me mind you). There are very rich people at the top of this industry, devising way’s to make women part with their cash via subliminal and suggestive advertisements. This applies to ALL women, I know, but I particularly don’t like the adverts targeted at women 30+. They’re sneaky and they’re verging on psychological abuse. You can’t leave the house, turn on the tv, open a newspaper, open your inbox without being told to alter your looks. If it were a man saying all of these things to you, your friends would call him a bastard and tell you to leave him.

The key is , ladies, to accentuate what you do have. It’s how you hold yourself, how you talk, walk. One man told me ” It doesn’t matter what you wear. If you are wearing a bin liner, and you hold yourself high and let your true confidence shine, you will be beautiful.”, and it’s true! I’m not saying don’t wear make up. I’m saying don’t let it rule your entire life. Begin to LOVE aging.

When I get my first wrinkle, I will embrace it!!! I’ve stopped dying over the few grey hairs that I started getting at the ripe age of 20. 2 guy’s told me they liked them, and friends told me to stop worrying because they are barely noticeable anyway. For years, I bullied my entire head of hair by dying it, causing it to fall out and lose condition just because of a few grey’s. That’s true madness, but that’s what the beauty industry want’s all of us women to feel like so they can keep raking in the cash.

This company has gone one step further. Now ladies, your vagina’s are ageing and are losing that youthful pink glow. Apparently, if your vagina looks a day over 14 then it’s time to start dying that too.

My New Pink Button

Fanny dye. I never thought I’d see the day……..

Here is a nice article on Jezebel.com

Lying anti-ageing advertisments.

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