Postcrossing: It’s Becoming An Addiction.

Back in November I posted about my new found hobby, Postcrossing. Since then I’ve sent and received a few more postcards to and from around the globe. This little lot came all the way from Spain, Russia and Estonia! Once I have read them, my postcards are then blue-tacked around my desk to remind me that I need to make time to travel. My collection is building up nicely providing me with plenty of travel inspiration!

Everyone in the Postcrossing community is so lovely and I always receive a tip or a recommendation about the local area, food or music on the back of my card.

I love receiving postcards from towns I’ve never heard of, or countries I’ve never considered visiting before. For instance I had no idea how beautiful Estonia is, but check out this photo! Tallinn is definitely on my travel list after seeing that.

A screen grab of my Postcrossing map so far!

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up new postcards to send to four Postcrossers around the world. If you are in China, Russia, Germany or the USA you may just get a postcard from me soon!

Have you tried Postcrossing, or maybe you have a hobby you love and want to share? Let me know below! I’m always looking for new things to try out.

P.S – You might like to see my first ever sent and received Postcrossing postcard here!