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Philips Lumea Precision SC2006/11 Review: PCOS Sufferer Weighs In.

I’ve been sharing Christmas gift ideas here over the past few days. A guide for every kind of woman and girl (there are more to come, we’re not finished just yet!). However there is one gift that I know every woman would love this Christmas, regardless of interests, and that is to be body hair free for the rest of their lives! If you can give a woman this, you are guaranteed the top spot on her Christmas card list forever more.

A fuzz free life is exactly what I’m hoping to achieve with the Philips Lumea Precision Plus. It’s been on my wishlist for quite some time, so when I spotted the latest model in Amazon’s Black Friday event I just couldn’t turn it down. I have another reason for this purchase though. Two years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). A condition that can wreak havoc on your hormones, and although the symptoms vary from woman to woman, PCOS can leave you feeling tired, depressed and hairy! As well as some other less than desirable symptoms, I’m one of the lucky ladies who was blessed with a new beard. Okay, I’m exaggerating slightly, but I definitely have a few more hairs than I had before PCOS came in to my life, and the hairs on my legs have become darker and thicker and they regrow with a vengeance! The condition is called Hirsutism and understandably for some women this condition can cause massive self confidence issues. Waxing, which is my usual weapon of choice, can cause ingrown hairs leaving skin blotchy and spotty, and shaving causes hair to regrow even thicker and darker which is the last thing a woman with Hirsutism needs. So if the Philips Lumea can deliver even half of what the reviewers claim it can, this would make it the perfect hair removal solution for women with PCOS.

The Lumea uses IPL (Intense Light Pulses) to flash the hairs, which causes a reduction of hair growth over time, and in some cases that I’ve read online, they can vanish forever! Now, that’s a huge claim by it’s users, and one that I know a lot of women may find hard to believe, including myself. So over the next few months I will document my Lumea journey here on this blog. Towards the end I will show some before and after pictures. Each treatment must be done two weeks apart so my updates will be spaced out, but I’m going to give my honest opinions and any tips I pick up along the way will be included in these posts.

Note: The Lumea will only work on certain skin and hair colours. Please read the guide lines first. It’s also worth checking if they have a money back guarantee.

Week One.

I used the Philips Lumea for the first time on Monday of this week, starting with the areas I most want to be hair free, my forearms and my chin. Working the Lumea is a lot easier than I’d imagined. The interchangeable heads slide off and on easily and the safety system works perfectly, ensuring you don’t accidentally trigger the device and blind yourself with intense light.

There are 5 settings on the Lumea. I chose to flash my face on setting 4 to start with (I had visions of burning my face off on setting 5. A tad dramatic? Maybe.) and my forearms on setting 5. There was virtually no pain during the treatment, the only pain being felt near the thicker hairs. This pain felt like a very fine needle, followed by some warmth. The flashes can feel very hot but the sensation lasts only seconds. The needle sensation is very shallow, more of a light pricking than a deep stabbing.

It is recommended that for larger areas such as your legs, you should use a white eyeliner to track the areas you have already flashed. Flashing twice is a no no as it can cause skin irritation. I guesstimated my chin and arms which was awkward and I probably missed a few hairs here and there.

Results so Far.

Four days later and I can see some immediate changes in how the hairs regrow. Surprisingly a large percentage of my chin hairs were immediately bleached pure white! They feel the same, but the colour has changed. This in itself is a good result. The only problem for me is that you mustn’t wax or pluck hairs between treatments. Shaving the hairs is the only option. Not an ideal situation for any woman, but this is only temporary as the hairs should begin shedding within the first few treatments.

I’ve been so focused on my chin hair that it was only when I began writing this post that I noticed the hair on my arms is growing back at least 50% slower and at least 50% softer! An amazing result!

Next time I will let you know how the Lumea works on my lower legs.

Have you had any results with the Philips Lumea, or any IPL device for that matter? Or do you have PCOS and want to share any tips? Just pop them in the comments section below.

**Post contains an affiliate link. All opinions are honest!


  • Sounds like a really brilliant pressie – I must try it.

    • It really would make an awesome present, especially for women with PCOS. Thanks Bintu 🙂

  • Great review and it looks like such a great gift too.

    • Thanks 🙂 I can’t wait until the next treatment. It’s very tempting to go wax :S

  • Gem

    wow, will check out your updates about this because I suffer with the same problem and have pcos and it’s a nightmare x

    • You have it too Gem? What a pain! Hopefully the comparison shots will show an improvement 🙂

  • Sounds like you’ve had such an amazing result so far! I would love to try a product like this, but I’ve never been toooo bothered about shaving, and I’m lazy enogh with that, so I don’t think I would keep this up! Looking forward to hearing about more of your results though!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Thanks Alice 🙂 I never used to be so bothered myself, but as the hairs have started to grow darker and thicker I’ve found myself freaking out about it a little more than usual 😀 I feel like it will be worth it in the end. It’s just the waiting period. I want to zap them now! But it doesn’t work like that. You definitely have to be in it for the long game -_-

  • Great post! Would love to try this! xx

    • Well they’re on offer at Amazon at the moment. It’s definitely worth having a shot at one! 🙂

  • Philips Lumea is great for ladies, perfect Christmas gift! 🙂 x

  • Looks good! I wouldn’t mind giving this ago heard great things about this.


  • Angelica Scott

    Hello, Angela! How do you do? My name is Angelica and I am Brazilian. I loved your post on this issue. I searched for reviews and met your blog. I also suffer with SOP and many unwanted hair.
    I hope you have success and I will follow your blog because I want to buy Philips Lumea too.
    See you soon!

  • Z. L.

    This is over two years later! But I am so curious on the effect of the following treatments on your chin hair. Were you satisfied with the effect or did you regret shaving and using the treatment after? I have the Precision Plus lying in my bedroom but I’m too anxious to shave my chin…. Anyways, I’d love to know what the end results were! xxx

    • Hi Z.L. Sorry for the delay replying to your comment.

      I would say that it depends on the severity of the hairs: Are they already thick and dark? In that case I would say go for it! Yes, you will have stubble between uses, and yes, shaving doesn’t feel very feminine, but over time the hairs become thinner and require less shaving.

      Prior to shaving/IPLing I used tweezers and my chin was always blotchy and spotty. My skin cleared up so much after using the device.

      Let me know how it goes for you. I’ll be trying a new IPL device in the coming weeks: The Homepedics Duo Salon. Be sure to come back and see my results 🙂

  • Jessica Ruiz

    i prefe rmy karmin 🙂