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Random Acts of Kindness at Christmas

Kindness makes the world go round. We shouldn’t need to be reminded to show each other love and empathy, but in the modern world with our fast pace of lives and our busy minds, it’s so easy to brush off the person struggling on the bus with her shopping, or walk by the homeless person sleeping in a doorway without a second glance.

Last month saw World Kindness Day, but don’t worry if you missed it because Christmas is coming, and there’s no better time to show someone kindness than at Christmas! So let me inspire you with a few ideas on how to show your fellow human the love they deserve.


Donate money:

The quickest way to make a positive change is to give money. There’s no end of people and causes out there that need financial support, so whether it’s popping a few quid in to a collection box atop your corner shop counter, or heading to a charity website like Oxfam to donate, donations are an easy way to show kindness.


Help starts at home:

It’s almost a certainty that someone among your group of friends, neighbors or your family is in need of kindness right now. Maybe your elderly neighbor needs help up her Christmas tree, or maybe your little brother could do with some help with his studies before the end of term. Ask a few questions and you’ll quickly discover someone who needs help.

For example, neighbours can make a home feel you’re like you’re living in heaven or hell, and thankfully (for the most part…) I’ve been fortunate enough to have some wonderfully kind people live next door to me.

There’s the neighbour who collects my parcels when my faulty doorbell decides not to buzz, and the neighbour who shoveled my drive in the snow, and then there was a  neighbour who allowed me to fill their front garden with unwanted household items and then drove it all to the tip when I moved home! Next door neighbours have saved my butt so many times.

If someone nearby could do with a helping hand, or even a cheering up, then go and say hi. They’ll remember it for life.


Social giving:

Sharing became a whole lot easier when the internet was born. Nowadays there are groups and websites online that exist solely to help people in need by gifting them your unwanted items. So if you’ve got an old sofa or fridge that you don’t need anymore, why not pass it on to someone who does?

Gumtree is a great place to start, but there’s always the chance that the person you gift it to will sell your item on for a profit. Or there are groups like this one in Liverpool with great Admins who can oversee everything. And then there’s Freecycle. This site has been going for years. I’ve managed to bag myself a few items on there in the past.


What random acts of kindness are you planning this Christmas?

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