Valentines Day Gift Ideas For the Stationery Addict in Your Life

Are you looking for something special for your valentine but can’t quite work out what to buy for them. Okay, do they have an home office or desk in the house? Yes? Go and check their desk. Is it full of scraps of paper entitled ” To do.”, “To buy”, “To visit”, “What I’d do if I won the Lottery”, “Ideas for saving the world.” etc etc, Yes? Tons of pens? Post it notes plastered along her monitor? Then your valentine wants stationery supplies this Valentines Day!

“…but there are already 3 note pads, 5 pens, 7 highlighters, 3 rulers…” Stop! She wants more! trust me. Us stationery addicts literally can not get enough paper, pens or journals in our lives. If you want to win his or her heart this valentines day, try adorning their desk with fresh new note books (mmmm that new, papery smell), journal prompts (oooh the possibilities!) and decorate their work space with romantic reminders of you to get them through tough work days. 

1. PARKER Ingenuity gold-trim fountain pen – £145 from Selfridges
 Bold red to remind your partner of your hot valentines lovin’! This beautiful Parker fountain pen is rubber coated and features the iconic Parker arrow both on the lid and engraved on to the fountain nib.
2.  Red Filofax Compact Patent Organiser – £21 from Amazon
The perfect match for the stunning Parker pen would be this patent red Filofax.
3. 10 Patch Heart Lights – £8 from ASOS
Drape these cute love hearts over her monitors, tack them to the wall along with a soppy Post-It note stating something soppy like ” You light up my life ♥”. You can pop them anywhere, they’re battery operated!
4. Spaceform Dinky Frame – £14 from John Lewis
Teeny, tiny and super cute, this mini glass keepsake fits a passport sized photo. Stick a butter-wouldn’t-melt picture of yourself inside and place it on his desk to remind him he can never escape of how much he loves you. It comes gift boxed!
5. Cavallini Love Stamps – £12 from John Lewis
Give her this adorable set of love stamps so that she can write you endless love letters and sonnets instead of working.
6. 12 Wooden Heart Pegs – £3 Paperchase
Maybe she has a ton of “inspirational quotes” laying all over her desk along side the stack of to-do lists? These could take the form of magazine cuttings or postcards. Either way, if you pop them up on a piece of string with these cute wooden heart pegs she will be bowled over by your thoughtful nature (just don’t mention that you read the idea online.). 
7. 20 Kate Spade Push Pins – £ 20 Kate Spade
In case you have have missed the growing Kate Spade hype, women are going crazy for the NY fashion brand. I’m almost certain that if you buy her anything from the Kate Spade website she will love you forever. These gorgeous push pins are perfect for her endless to-do lists. Buy – or make – her a pin board so she can finally start working through her stack of lists.

8. Graf von Faber-Castell Tamitio Fineliner Pen – £165 from Cult Pens
Is your valentine a graphic designer, or maybe she loves drawing in her spare time? This stunning stainless steel and brass fine liner pen would make a perfect present that she could treasure forever.
9. My Future Listography – £11.99 from Utility Design
If your valentine loves to keep journals and is always daydreaming about life then I’m certain they would love this fun activity style book from Utility Design. My Future Listography contains tons of writing prompts and funky illustrations to get her imagination going such as “List habits to break” and “List places you’d love to live”. You could even write in a few cheesy, heart felt suggestions inside about how you want to be part of her future too!
Utility Design have a huge range of gifts available online or at their Liverpool or London stores.

 Disclosure: The awesome guys at Utility Design kindly sent me the amazing Listography book to feature in exchange for a link to their site. I only feature and endorse items I love and would buy for myself.

Do you have any romantic plans this Valentines Day? Let me know below!

  • Well, I would be chuffed to bits with any of these gifts! I totally agree that any stationary addict would be too 😀

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  • I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade and actually have that pin as a bracelet design, so totally love the pins.


    • Oh wow, I haven’t seen the bracelet, Emma. I am off to check that out now 🙂

  • I never knew I wanted push pins! I do now! So pretty!

  • I am loving the Listography I need one of these in my life :)… and I love the lights and stamps – In fact it’s a brilliant Valentine gift list.

    Off to forward this to the b/f now….

    • Thanks Rachael! You should deffo check out the Listography bookl! I’ll be picking up the other books in the series from Utility Design once this one is filled in.

      ^_^ I’ve linked my bf too. Fingers crossed for the push pins. They’re so damn cute!

  • I love stationery and some of these are so cute. I was given a book similar to the listography one for my birhday, I have yet to find the time to use it yet though, sadly.

  • LOVE the look of that Listography book – right up my street! 😀

    • As a listaholic I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to fill it up. I thought it would of been done by now but there are so many!

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  • for me organisers or notebooks work everytime x