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Silidyn Silicon Supplement Review [Competition now Closed].


Oh the things I’d do for stronger, healthier hair and nails! They’ve taken a battering over the past 12 months from increasing PCOS symptoms, bad diet and stress. It’s the main reason I agreed to take part in a trial of silicon supplement, Silidyn.

As someone who refuses to let hormone related hair and skin problems get the better of me, I love testing out new products both for my own benefit and to help you guys wade through the sea of health products out there and hopefully make better choices when shopping.

Gaining thicker hair may have been my initial motivation for testing out Silidyn, but as I began reading through the information pack that Silidyn sent me I learned that silicon can play a much more important role in the body: Bone density.


Introduction to Silidyn

Silidyn says they’re the UK’s most advanced silicon supplement. The formula makes up a type of silicon called Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) and contains manganese, zinc, Boron, MSM, Selenium and OPC: All contributors to healthy hair, skin and bones.

OSA is naturally occurring in soil and water, but due to water treatment processes and intensive farming, OSA has depleted over the years so we need to turn to supplementation for beneficial amounts.

I’ll be trailing Silidyn for the next 8 weeks and thanks to the lovely folks over at Silidyn HQ and Thirty Plus, FIVE Cosmic Kick readers will be joining me. Just pop your details below and I’ll pick five people on March 10th, 2017.


What does Silidyn promise?

As we age our bones become more brittle. The aim of Silidyn is to arm the body with enough OSA to help cell regeneration and to create new bone. I watched my Nan suffer with osteoporosis and arthritis. Given that they’re both hereditary conditions, bone density is a huge concern for me.

Several scientific studies have shown that Silidyn can help to maintain healthy bones, joins and connective tissue; prevent osteoporosis; delays the signs of skin ageing, maintain healthy skin and nails and assist with the uptake of calcium in to bones.

According to the notes I was sent, just 10 – 12 drops of the pinkish liquid in a hot or cold drink taken daily for 8 – 10 weeks will provide the body with enough OSA to start noticing the above effects.

My Silidyn experience so far

I’ve been trialling Silidyn for around two weeks now and I’ll say right off the bat that I’m amazed by how quickly I’ve seen positive changes to my hair and nails. It seemed a little too quick and I’d thought I might be experiencing a placebo effect until Wayne mentioned how my hair was looking “more full at the roots”: Result! Regular readers will know that my thinning hair is an ongoing source of misery for me so I happily  welcome all hair-boosting factors in to my life!

The “boost” seems to be the effect of stronger roots rather than new hair growth: I’m certain there isn’t a product on the market that could regrow hair in under two weeks. If there was I’d be all over it!

My finger and toenails have seen a boost in speed of growth too.

Another not-sure-if-I’m-imagining-it effect I’ve noticed is the surface of my nails are much smoother than before. I started to develop vertical ridges along my nails at some point during the last year and they drive me crazy! Since taking Silidyn they look less pronounced and feel more moisturised somehow.

I’m impressed! The only negative I have found is the taste: It’s very mild but has an odd sweet taste than sticks at the back of your throat for a while after drinking it. It’s tolerable though, and adding it to a flavoured drink should mask the flavour.


Silidyn competition!

Silidyn and Thirty Plus have offered FIVE Cosmic Kick readers the chance to win a bottle of Silidyn worth £19.95 each! Just leave your email in teh Rafflecopter form and I’ll be in touch if you win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Closes: 10th March 2017

Open to UK only.

Five people will win the following prize: 1 x 8 – 10 week supply of Silidyn.

Winner will be contacted via email and must reply within 14 days of email being sent.

Please allow 14 days for delivery of prize.









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