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Sketch Pad

I recently started drawing again and I’m pretty excited about it and thought it would be cool to upload my sketch book here. I’m aiming to get a post up at least once a week, every Sunday. If you have feedback, great! Please leave it in the comments. These images are not meant to be perfect finished pieces of art, but more like practice, works in progress, that sort of stuff. Just like a real sketch book.

I’m still finding my style and my skills are a little rusty as until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t picked up a pencil in a very long time. My goal is to get in to some line of illustration and/or animation.

I’ll be posting both scans of my sketch book and digital illustrations. Using a tablet to draw is pretty new to me so don’t expect any masterpieces just yet.

If anyone out there has any books or software to recommend then leave it in the comments. Thank you!

PS. If for any reason you want to use these images, unless otherwise stated, you can do so providing you credit me and link back to this blog.


Comments: The last image was scribbled in a few minutes and I didn’t have an eraser. The eye is a bit mental. My bf was gaming at the time and his eyes did look a bit mental, so I left it. The anime girl was drawn from an image I found online somewhere, I can’t find it! If I do I will link back to it.

This week I need to continue relearning Photoshop. It’s been 11 years since college and it has changed a lot since then.

When drawing with pencil I need to start being heavier. When scanning in the images, some were so faint that I didn’t bother uploading them. I also need to start working on shading and texture, because quite frankly, I suck!

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