Surprise Chocolate! Order Gifts with ParcelGenie’s Easy to Use App and Text Service.

Surprise chocolate is the best kind of chocolate, so wouldn’t it be great if you could order a surprise bar for your friends or family by sending a simple text message? Well you can do just that with ParcelGenie!

I tried Parcel Genie for the first time last week and got to share some tasty treats with my other half. Parcel Genie has been delivering gifts to the nation since 2009 with their successful, award-winning app, and they’ve now made it even easier to send gifts with a new text-to-order service. No app needed! It’s easy to use and new users can get a massive 50% off their first order by visiting this link.

ParcelGenie App Review.

Using the ParcelGenie app is dead simple (scroll down for a quick how-to!). Their product list is full of pick-me-up’s to cheer up a friend in need, and not all are chocolate gifts (although all gifts should be chocolate gifts imo!). The guys at ParcelGenie gave me vouchers to spend on 2 items. This was perfect as there are 2 gifts that I knew my boyfriend would love to receive. The first is Lemonaid. A sherbet-y, sunshine yellow chocolate bar covered in crunchy meringue pieces. We’re both a little crazy about lemon so I’d be nabbing a few squares for myself! The second choice is Cocoa Cola. A mouth-watering Coca Cola flavoured chocolate bar with sour Cola bottles set into it. His guilty pleasure is Coca Cola and mine is chocolate so, you guessed it, I nabbed some of that too!

Delivery was super-fast, both bars landing on the door mat the following day… and both cars devoured within the following 30 minutes.

Based on my experience with their app I can definitely see myself using this service again. Parcel Genie is a great way to tell someone you care about that you are thinking of them. I would love to see more items added to their catalogue in the future.

How to order gifts using the ParcelGenie app.

Ordering was so simple. You start by making your choice, paying and entering your information.


Once you’ve verified your phone number ParcelGenie inform your friend of their incoming care package. They reply and the order is complete!


Have you used ParcelGenie yet? How much do you want to eat that Lemonaid bar right now? Nom! Let me know your thoughts below!

*ParcelGenie offered me vouchers in exchange for an honest review of their service. All opinions are mine. (I will not be bribed! Not even with chocolate.)

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