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Testing, testing…. is this thing still on?

Does anyone know the proper blogging etiquette for a sudden reappearance after a two year disappearing act? Do I carry on as though I was never gone? Do I make excuses? Should I tell you about all of the things I learned and creative pursuits I had during the pandemic? (Spoiler alert; I learned and produced absolutely nothing). Let’s just start with a simple reintroduction…

Hi everyone! I’m Angela. I like to write, but during the Coronavirus pandemic, like many of you, I was too busy having recurring episodes of lockdown meltdown, restriction rage, mask madness, and isolation indignation to think about words. Now I’m back and ready to rock out with my blog out. I’d love for you to join me!

So why am I resurrecting the blog, and why now? You don’t need me to tell you what a strange and difficult few years it’s been. The series of lock downs and restrictions we experienced left many of us socially isolated and deeply, existentially bored. Maybe you’ve spent it playing board games with your flatmate, or maybe your social circle has shrunk to just you and the cat.

I spent the pandemic like many Brit’s: Bingeing sitcoms with my partner, eating, and trying not to catch Covid. This uninspiring lifestyle doesn’t make for great reading. So as the events in my life grinded to a halt, so did my motivation to write, and I simply stopped. It looks like the same thing has happened with some of my favourite bloggers too. I hope they return soon ♥

It wasn’t until a recent trip to London to see Dave Grohl’s Storyteller stage show – the first trip away from home in well over a year – that I realised how small my world had become. At first, I felt intimidated being amid the noise of the city again, but was soon swept along by London’s energy. I returned home with a renewed lust for life, and the urge to remind those who, like me, have spent too long in lockdown mentality that the world is still out there and, if you can, now is the time to rejoin… safely of course.

So I’m back, and I have questions. Firstly, and most importantly: Is blogging even a thing in late 2021? Are people still reading long form content? Are we still obsessing over MOZ DA scores or is there new metric I need to keep tabs on? Also, when did WordPress get so slick and easy to use?

I’m sure I’ll work it all out, but in the meantime if you’re new here or would like to know more about me and Cosmic Kick you can check out my about me page here. If you’re looking to work with an elder millennial with a penchant for rock music, events, tech, and dessert, then I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via the contact form or my socials.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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