Cardiff Winter Wonderland 2014

Christmas in Cardiff is one of my favourite times of year here in the capital. In fact, the city’s seasonal festivities are what made me fall in love with living here in the first place (I love the Step In To Christmas event. What a great way to start the season). A huge part of that is Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. It’s changed over the years – mostly for the better, although I do miss the tented food area – and a trip to town isn’t complete during December without treating yourself to a Bratwurst and cup of hot chocolate in the warm glow of the market stalls. Take a look at the size of this bad boy!

This is the tastiest Bratwurst I’ve eaten in a few years, perfectly cooked and the bun lightly toasted. Beautiful!
Once the sausage had settled it was time to hunt down some sweet treats…

The stall displaying two large chocolate fountains was the obvious choice. I mean, who can say no to this gooey chocolate coated marshmallow and fudge kebab stick? The chocolate used here was thick and creamy and luckily my partner was with me to eat half and share the calories.

The skate rink sits outside Cardiff Town Hall as it does every year, although being a Monday night it was fairly quiet with a small group entering the rink as we were about to leave.

Back in 2012, as the clock struck 12 the bf and I were flying high on the Sky Swing. Not an experience he was willing to re-live on tonight (I found out he has a fear of heights after the ride ended). I love this ride though, and on a clear night you can get an excellent view from the top.

Before we left I wanted to get a photo of the Helter Skelter lit up in all its glory. Whilst busy trying to frame the shot this fabulous looking lot photobombed me resulting in a far more awesome photo! If any of you guys are reading this and want the high res version (or changed your mind and want the pic taken down) feel free to send me a message via the contact form above!

If waiting in queues for food and rides isn’t you thing then you should probably visit Winter Wonderland on a Monday evening. Although it was quiet and wet from the rain, there is still the lovely warm glow to get you in the Christmas mood. 

Winter Wonderland also hosts New Years Eve fire works, so if you’re in the area pop down. There are usually a lot more fair ground rides on NYE and they have live music!

Bonus shot: Although nothing to do with the Winter Wonderland, I had to share this beautiful street art. This Samurai girl is located on Havelock Street along with other amazing art works. I’ll be going back down to get more photos soon.

Does your city have a winter festival? Let me know which one I should visit next below!

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  • I love the final pic of the helta skelter! Looks like you had such a fantastic time.

  • Great pics! That hotdog looks ridiculous! yum. Did you hear in the news about that swing recently? There was a bit of a scary accident :/ xx

    • Honestly, it was soooo tasty. You should try one next time you’re down there. NOM!

  • Also i love the graffiti! <3

  • I should go and have a go at ice skating. I saw your street art earlier and have to say that painting is amazing. I love Cardiff!

    • I have never been ice skating either. I say I will every year 😀

      Isn’t it amazing! Cardiff is such a laid back city.

  • Looks very nice and festive better then some places I have seen.

    • If you are ever in Cardiff in the winter you should definitely check it out. 🙂

  • I love Winter Wonderland. We’ve never been to the Cardiff one, but the one in London is lovely! 🙂 x

    • I still haven’t been to a London winter festival! Hyde Park looks amazing at this time of year. 🙂

  • Thanks Olivia 🙂 I could go for another marshmallow and chocolate kebab stick right about now!

  • I love these Chritmas events. The only thing missing is a little mulled wine, but hot chocolate is a good second

    • I do love a little bit of mulled wine. I may have to pick some up when I pop in tomorrow 😉