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My September: Mash Up Post.

Snog Frozen Yogurt big double decker pink bus.

It’s been a bit quiet around here for the past few weeks. I’d love to tell you that I’ve been on a last minute trip around the world or something similarly spectacular but the truth is I’ve been sick. How boring! I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day, sneezing and feeling grotty. Anyway, I’m back now, and seeing as how not much happened last month I’m just going to mash September together in one big post.

Camera man films the police with the NATO flag flying over Cardiff Castle.

It was a crazy start to the month for us Cardiffians. Newport was host to the NATO summit and David Cameron thought this a great chance to host a slap up dinner for him and his buddies at the castle. Thus everywhere from Cardiff to Bristol was on high alert and  for weeks leading up to the big day. Armed officers, military aircraft and a ton of Navy Warships in Cardiff Bay swarmed the city creating an uneasy, dystopian atmosphere in this normally peaceful town.

The dinner date finally came on September 4th but rather than hang out by the castle waiting for a glimpse of Barack Obama, I had managed to get my hands on tickets to see a much more entertaining American in concert. Tony Bennett was to play at the South Bank Centre. A venue I’d wanted to check out for a while. It was all very last minute and we ended up with the cheapest tickets in the house, the choir seats, which actually turned out to be pretty damn awesome. If you have the opportunity to see a gig from the choir seats go for it. The seats are practically on the stage with the artist. Excellent value.

Firstly a stop at Selfridges was in order for a quick glimpse of artist Rick Owens experimental instillation. Pictured above is the imposing statue of Owens that sits atop the stores main entrance.

Before heading in to the gig the boyf and I spent a few hours lounging around on the Southbank. It was warm and humid in London that day so we opted for an easy lunch by the Thames in the form of a Burrito from Wahaca Mexican Street Kitchen and the coldest substance on Earth from the candy coloured SNOG bus, frozen yogurt with marshmallow. I had other toppings but I was in a SNOG induced trance and everything went kind of hazy so I don’t remember. Even with super sensitive teeth it was worth every bite.

Stuffed, we headed inside with an hour or so to kill. On the ground floor there was a huge, dark empty space showing an art installation called Take Me To Bed. A one hour long film on a loop showing different human bodies as they slept. You are invited to pull up a bean bag, sit back and observe 4 people with disabilities as they sleep while ambient sound plays through the speakers. It was thought provoking but completely relaxing. I hope this is a regular thing, I’ll be in there every time I’m in London.
Tony time came around so we headed upstairs. He was everything I’d hoped he would, such an amazing show man. Alive and kicking at 85 (he’s just released a new album with Lady Gaga!), belting out songs he was singing in the 50’s as though it was his first time, cracking jokes, dancing and laughing. Some songs brought a tear to my eye, and I wasn’t the only one. We spotted a few women crying. 
Obligatory Big Ben shot…terrible quality image but it has to be done!
 After the show we headed back to Paddington, not before listening to Big Ben. Cardiff was far more relaxed when we got back.
The next day was Sims 4 release day so obviously I didn’t get much done. I began the game in the most predictable way, creating the boyf and I, but this soon led to an existential crisis when I realised one of them was going to die (we’ve all been there) so I made another household. I’ll post more about Sims 4 maybe at a later date.

Destiny was also released during September. I still haven’t decided how I feel about this game and I haven’t played enough of it to make a fair judgement. The graphics are beautiful and I love the soundtrack (did you know Paul McCartney worked on the destiny soundtrack?) but there does seem to be something lacking. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Let me know what you’ve been up to since I’ve been gone. Been to any awesome gigs? Played any games I should know about? Comment below!

Keep an eye on the Etsy store this month for new typography prints. New comp coming soon too!