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An Essential Guide to Travel Photography

Travel Photography Essential Guide Cover Image

Remember a few years back (maybe it’s more like a decade or so ago, but it feels like just last year!) when digital cameras first made it big in the mainstream? Before that, photographs were a one-shot deal. Which really sucked when it came to travel photography, because who wants a reel of overexposed, finger-over-the-lens holiday memories. But, with the popularity of affordable digital cameras, gone were the days of snapping a pic with fingers crossed in the hope that everyone was in shot. And best of all; no more waiting for camera film to be developed!

You may have noticed that the world of photography has exploded in recent years, and products like smart phones, selfie sticks and drone cameras have changed the way we capture memories forever. The internet and social media has played a huge part in the growth of photography. Websites and apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat created a need for regular people like you and I to have affordable devices that allow us to create high quality images. With the right photography gear, anyone can bring home professional standard photos and films to be proud of.

The helpful folks over at Clifton Cameras have put together this super useful infographic to teach us exactly what we need on our next trip away. Take it away guys!


Travel Photography Essential Guide Infographic

While we’re on the topic of holiday snaps, check out my pics from my New York Blizzard trip back in 2014. It was cooold!

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