Why These Longhaul Honeymoon Destinations Are So Popular

What makes the perfect honeymoon destination? Of course we’re going to need something romantic to celebrate making it official with the loves of our lives, but what else do people look for in a honeymoon? Here are 3 of the most popular long haul honeymoon destinations and the reasons they’re so popular.


Sri Lanka, South Asia

Sri Lanka is all about exploration and discovery. This relatively small country is crammed to the brim with culture, ancient religious sites, protected UNESCO sites, caves and cave temples packed with time-worn relics and statues, and rich and varied wildlife.  In fact, Sri Lanka offers the best safari experience outside of Africa.

if you want to remember your trip with something truly special, spend a day pampering elephants with your Mrs or Mr at the Elephant Freedom Project. Just be sure to do lots of research before visiting an elephant project to ensure they are being properly taken care of. (This applies anywhere in the world where elephant experiences are being offered).



The Maldives, South Asia

Search the web for dream honeymoon destinations and you’ll soon see that the tropical Maldives ranks high on wedding wishlist’s. That’s because the nation of over 1000 islands has it all! Romance comes easily when you’re surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and bright blue waters.

There are plenty of adult-only resorts to stay at on the island. Click here to Check prices and learn more with Destination2 travel guides.

For adventurous couples, the Maldives offers a vibrant underwater sea life. There’s every kind of diving opportunity here, including the chance to deep sea dive with hammer head sharks or manta rays.

Watch the gorgeous InTheFrow living it up in the stunning Noonu Atoll lagoon.

St Lucia, Carribean.

Just like The Maldives and Sri Lanka, St Lucia offers long, fine sandy beaches, awe inspiring landscapes and luxurious resorts. But this dormant volcanic Caribbean island offers something different: A drive in volcano! Okay, so you might not be able to cuddle up as cozily as you would in a drive in movie back home, but it sure is unique!

Chocolate loving couples will adore St Lucia. The island is famous for it’s cocoa production and celebrates this with a yearly Chocolate Heritage Month. During this time, businesses and resorts celebrate everything chocolate; with chocolate infused drinks, dishes and even spa treatments. The luxury chocolate brand, Hotel Chocolat even has their own resort there!

The most iconic view in St Lucia is the beautiful twin volcanic spire mountains, the Pitons. You wont need to spend your honeymoon driving to get there, or to the other attractions, as there are tons of ways to tour the island. Choose from quad bike tours, horseback shore tours, pirate ship, Segway, speedboat and even aerial tram tours!



What do you think? Have you travelled to any of these beautiful destinations? Make me jealous below!


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