Weekend Spend

Remember when the weekends used to be all about shopping? Saturdays were spent in town centers  blowing our hard earned cash. Or for the more frugal of us, cracking open our piggy banks and finally buying what we had been saving up for for weeks! Then along came the internet and we can now shop 24/7! Woo! No more waiting for time off work or school to treat ourselves.

During the week I popped in to Forbidden Planet and spotted this hefty new book. It was released a month ago to celebrate the Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 25th Anniversary. I found it over on Amazon UK for £6 less, including delivery. This is a must-own for any TNG fan.
This watch comes in other glitzy colours, but I think red and gold are perfect for the festive season. Get your DKNY Sparkle watch from from World Duty Free stores found in UK airports.
I am in love! This stunning smithsonite stone is breath taking. Head over to Fresh Purple to read more about this beautiful pair of earrings. They cost £115.00 inc. delivery. Check out the rest of the website too. There are some truly beautiful and unique pieces over there. 
The price of these crazy toys vary greatly from store to store, ranging between £49.99 – £70.00. My sister recently bought one for herself and I got the chance to have a play with it. This new Furby is a lot more interactive than the 90’s version but in my opinion, no where near as cute. The new Furbys are nuts! Loud and demanding with a serious case of multiple personality disorder. Of course, this makes them lot’s of fun. I do think the asking price is a little much for what it is, and I am surprised that it isn’t rechargeable like everything else these days. Anyway, I still want one, or two, but won’t be buying one until they lower the price a little, which I don’t think will happen this side of Christmas.
So that’s what I have had my eye on this week. What will you be treating yourself to this weekend? Tell me in the comments section below. Have a great Friday night!

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