Weekend Spend

Looking for ways to spend your cash?
If you want to weird people out and quickly gain the title of Village Nut then buy a pair of these! I’m not sure which looks more insane? Wearing a Bluetooth headset and talking to thin air, or holding your hand to your ear and talking in to your pinkie? At least the latter will keep your hands warm and provide more fun than a boring ear piece. How do they work? Well just like any other Bluetooth headset, except here the receiver is in the thumb tip and the mouthpiece is in the little finger tip, which means they’re not at all hands free like Bluetooth headsets. These gloves also have smart phone friendly finger tips which means you wont have to take off your gloves to tweet and text! They’re USB charged, washer friendly and cost £49.99 from

Last week Lush revealed a new line of their ever popular Gorilla Perfumes. There are 9 newbies on offer along with two tins of incense. One of the reasons I love Lush is that each product tells a story. Some of these fragrances carry a strong political statement,  tales of military history whilst others are simply based on sound aromatherapy practice. Prices vary greatly depending on which fragrance and which size you choose. Check em all out over at Lush!

Celebrate one of the best games in gaming history by wearing these cute Tetris studs. The description says they’re made of ” Metal”. Not entirely sure what type, but I’m 100% sure they aint gold, although I’d love a real gold pair! $11.99 from Modcloth.
These days there seems to be a USB drive designed for every interest out there. Whether you are in to Star Wars, Angry Birds, Swarovski Crystal, what ever your taste and interests there is a perfect way to store your data. It’s easy to be underwhelmed when you see yet another one on the market. The Toast USB hub however has managed to win me over. It’s so super kawaii! The hub costs £17.99 and each piece of toast costs £12.99 each. The hub even has an SD card slot. Firebox stocks them all!

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