Weekend Spends

Evening internetz! 

I dunno about you guy’s , but I’m rather poverty stricken lately. I’m not in REAL poverty, as in starving and sleeping in a cardboard box. I mean I am poor in the shallow western definition of the word. I just can’t afford nice shiny things. *sigh*. So seeing as how I can’t afford any nice-ities, I decided to play make believe and make a lil list here of things I want. So without further ado, here are my Friday 5 Lusts.

£5.95 – UttamDirect (Now Yumi)

Now this is kind of a boring thing to want. let’s be honest. “A hair clip? Surley you can afford a hair clip.” I hear you say. Well no actually I can’t. But just look at those colours, lilac and bright green. Gorgous.

$12 – Lime Crime Make Up

Greeeeeeeeeen ! Need I really say more about the product. The website delivers to UK, and when they have free delivery, that also applies to the UK too! awesomeness.

£21.56 If you register with the site or £23.95 if ya don’t. –
This cute lil ducky is actually a little fun vibrator, but I don’t want him for sexual purposes. I want him because I have a pirate fetish. I want to put him on my shelf and think “Yargh. I be sailin the seven sea’s. Gimme some booty”. Or whatever it is pirates say these day’s.

GTA4:The Ballad Of Gay Tony – Price unknown

I luuurved GTA 4. I am still loving Lost and the Damned (Yikes!! A cat just squealed outside my window! Almost kacked) and I really want The ballad of Gay Tony, but I totally don’t have the money right now. I mean, I still have a  dump load of games to get through. Still aint done the mages guild on Oblivion!! Ive had the game for like 2 years. Still wanna attempt Legendary on Halo. Still have the Orange Box to get through (finished Portal though, thanks to my boyf showin me how awesome it was. Have you guys played that game? I’m not kidding, it was the best game I played in ages). Aaand I still aint completed fall out. Yeah, I suck at completing things. 

Them Crooked Vultures: Tix for Blackpool. – £ 50 – 200!!!!
Let’s face it internet. I aint getting to see this band. The gig is in December and have you seen the ticket price?!?! I need a freakin financial miracle. I mean, I was in  love with Dave Grohl from the age of 14 until I was 24. It was only when he actually was standing in front of me, and I shouted ” I love yooooooou” whilst looking in to his eyes did I realise ” wow girl, you seriously need to grow up” hehe. Dave kinda smirked as if to say ” Yeah, whateveeeer”. I think 10 years of devoted obsession deserves me the chance to purchase some tickets. I’m also a QOTSA fan. So yeah. I totally deserve this right?


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