5 Reasons to Invest in a Great Content Writer


Literally everyone and their mother is blogging these days. With so many social media and blogging platforms to choose from, it’s never been easier to publish your own content. Anyone can do it, but knowing how to write engaging content that will impress both readers and search engines alike; that’s a skill that can take years to master. This is where a professional Content Writer comes in.

A good Content Writer is essential for getting your company blog off the ground. They’ll have up to the minute knowledge in their area of expertise. They’ll know a bit about SEO, graphic design, social media and loads more skills that are needed to create good quality, traffic-inducing content that will help your company succeed online.

There are loads of ways to find a Content Writer: You can go direct to the writer via their website or social pages and ask for fees; hire via freelancer websites like Fiver or Upwork, or you can consult an agency that offers professional Content Writing Services.

Here are 5 reasons to invest in a great Content Writer

Regain precious time

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People often underestimate just how much work goes in to writing good content. Of course, It varies person to person. But It can take me between 2 – 8 hours in total to complete a piece in full, depending on how much research is needed.

Content creation involves much more than just writing. A good amount of research may be needed, then there’s editing, a sprinkling of SEO work, image sourcing, graphic design, preparing web and social snippets and social media copy, and that’s all just for one piece of content. You’ll need to regularly update your company website to see results. It doesn’t have to be daily, but weekly or bi-monthly is a must.

If you don’t have that sort of time to spare, maybe it’s time to consider a content writer.

English isn’t your first language

…or the language of your target demographic isn’t your first language. Your customers need to be able to engage with your content. Badly written, droning text will bore readers and they’ll click away from your page before you’ve had the chance to show them why you’re product or business is so awesome!

Writing isn’t your forte

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It’s not just human readers you need to worry about though. The robot overlords are judging our content too. Misspelled, boring blog posts will cause your site to rank lower on search engines than it could if it was better written.

Chances are, if you dislike writing it’ll show in the finished piece. If you find yourself struggling to get a post finished, contact a professional content writer who will take that strain from you.

You’re all out of content ideas

This happens to the best of us. You’ve covered all of the ‘how-to’s’ and ‘Top 10″ lists you can think of, and you don’t have time to sit around brainstorming any longer.

The brain of a Content Writer is constantly at work, thinking up new ideas for content. They have note books in their pockets, bags and on their desks, crammed to the seams with blog post titles and half-finished articles, just waiting for a chance to break free.

A fresh perspective

Part of the Content Writer’s job is to review and research your entire business before they get to work. It gives us a complete understanding of what your business is about and why people should love you.
This can be an enlightening process. A fresh pair of eyes can see problem-areas you may have missed when writing your own content.

Content Writers! Let me know why you love your job in the comments below 🙂


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