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March Favorites: Games, Beauty, TV and more.

A round up of what I’ve been enjoying this month. What have you been crazy about during March? Comment below. I love reading your recommendations.


You may remember from an older post that I have an issue with my fine, fly away hair. In my pursuit of a sleek shiny finish I find I almost always end up with frizzy strays poking out here and there no matter what I try. Most taming products are too heavy for my fine hair and leave it looking flat and greasy, that is until I found this nifty product from The Body Shop. Body Shop Coconut Oil Shine comes as a solid oil in a compact, handy tin. You need very little, just rub your fingers over the oil, rub your hands together, lightly smooth your hair from root to tip and you’ll be left with a sleek finish and minimal strays! It smells nice too. Body Shop Coconut Oil Shine costs £5.50 which is a steal! A little goes a long way so this should last you months.

Before my trip to New York last month I went on a mission to find a new foundation that wouldn’t make me look pasty in my holiday pic’s. I went a little MAC crazy. I’d never tried their products before and in my desperation to find a foundation that agrees with my hormonal skin I somehow ended up with a delivery of 5 new make up items. MAC Studio Finish Concealer was a surprise favourite of mine. This little pot of magic covers all of my skin problems. Red patches, blemishes and it brightens up my under eye area. Some may find this concealer a little thick and heavy for under the eye, but I find if I build coverage by lightly patting tiny amounts at a time on to the skin and gently buffing in with a soft concealer brush, that I am left with a bright, natural looking finish. MAC Studio Finish Concealer is priced at £15, available here.


I’ve been raving about Whole Earth’s 3 Nut Butter to everyone since I found it in Sainsburys. It’s the perfect food to eat when you are trying to curb your chocolate cravings. The award winning treat is a combination of cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts and contains no added sugar. Pure nuts baby! This stuff almost tastes like Ferrero Rocher! Obviously you will want to go easy on this and not eat too much. Good job it comes in a small jar! A jar will cost you around £3.19.

Alpro Hazelnut Milk has been my saviour since giving up dairy! Sure, I can have my coffee without milk, and I still do, but sometimes you want something a little creamier to give you a lift. It’s on offer at ASDA for just £1 a carton.


Have you been watching the reboot of Cosmos? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts this interstellar travel show, and boy does he do a good job. That man has a voice like velvet! Some big names and talent have worked on creating this show, with Patrick Stewart doing voice work, Seth Macfarlane takes a break from his normal style and provides some amazing animations and Star Trek: The Next Generation producer Brannon Braga is the program’s executive producer. The result is an educational documentary that not only makes science interesting for all ages, but it also makes you feel something. It makes you feel small but significant, both lost and connected. Cosmos is truly a beautiful piece of TV.


Finally! South Park: The stick of truth was released here in the UK this month. It had been so long in the making that I started to wonder whether the whole thing was an elaborate prank from creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. A couple of days before release, news appeared online that some scenes had been banned from the European console versions (luckily I’d pre-ordered the PC version). Should these scenes of been banned? Well, this is one disgusting game! Did I really want to be a part of these banned scenes? Well no, I didn’t want to be a part of them… but that’s the point though, isn’t it? Those scenes are designed to make you feel uncomfortable. They’re so over the top, that’s what make’s them funny. This ain’t Hello Kitty Island adventures! This is South Park damn it!

I don’t want to spoil anything here for those who haven’t played it yet, so I’ll keep it simple. The over all feel of the game stays true to the show, you will feel like you are in an episode of South Park. The art style is exactly the same as the series and the jokes are just as funny. You will find yourself laughing throughout the entire story. Not only that but the game play itself is impressive. From the classes you can play as, to the range of weapons (see above image) and spells you use in combat, and the varying difficulty levels, this game provides enough of a challenge to keep both casual and hardcore gamers interested to the end. What I enjoyed most was the party system in which you get to choose a friend to take with you on missions and battles. Each character has a selection of ridiculous moves that again will have you cracking up.

South Park The Stick Of Truth isn’t for everyone. It’s extremely offensive and does have triggers in it that could upset some, so it might be best to check out some reviews first. It’s likely that if you have never seen the show you might not like it either. On the other hand, if you are a fan of South Park then play the frickin game already! You will love it.

Awesome game reviewer Angry Joe did an extensive review on the game over on YouTube.

Not my best attempt…

OK this one is kinda dumb. This month I’ve been playing Doge 2048, a lot. Now, I’ll warn you, this game is dangerously addictive, and stupid. I’m not even sure that it involves any skill at all. It’s best enjoyed when you are really tired but trying to avoid sleep, trying to avoid work by hanging out in a toilet cubical and pretending to be busy in there, trying to avoid studying, or pretty much any other kind of avoidance. Depressed? Play Doge2048! Can’t pay the bills? Play Doge2048. Just found out your partner is cheating on you? Play Doge2048 for the love of God and stop thinking about it!


I stumbled upon an entire new genre (new to me at least) when I found new retro wave artist Dynatron earlier this week. If you like the 80’s, video games and space then you should hit play now! Escape Velocity has some serious atmosphere, it’s far too easy to get lost in this album.

So how about you? What have you been up to this month? If you have a new favourite item of make up, blog or any other recommendations then please let me know in the comments!