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The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo and Steel Series Sims 4 Accessories!

I was about to go to bed when my boyfriend informed me of the EA announcement from Gamescom. The Create A Sim Demo was made available to everyone yesterday. That’s OK EA, I didn’t need to sleep last night anyway. Here are a few screenshots from my time with the demo. If you love the Sims, check out my Sims 3 inspired Jewellery in the Cosmic Kick Etsy store! (I take jewellery requests too!).

The Styled Looks are so chic! Loving this summer tweed outfit.
Or maybe you’ll go for the emo look?
Hair has a lot more detail in Sims 4.
Cute shoe options! I hope EA don’t charge individually for new clothing items.
Sims faces are more expressive in Sims 4 than past games. She pulls off evil well, even in that Katy Perry style dress!

You can change how you sim carries themselves when they walk. Will your sim be snooty or gloomy?

Changing your sims features is ridiculously easy, and the features are highly detailed. Choose ‘detail edit mode’ to easily lift and adjust facial and body features. If only real life was this easy.

Playing the demo left me wanting more. I can’t wait for September 2nd for it to be released! If you want to see more Sims 4 in game action from Gamescom 2014 click here. Sims VIP has a whole list of vids and blog post reviews to check out.

Pre-orders at Amazon are £38.00 for the The Sims 4 Limited Edition. The Premium Editionis a whopping £69.99 and includes an awesome hardback book, Amazon exclusive in game content and the stunning soundtrack.

That’s not all though…
Steel Series are to release Sims 4 peripherals. Including a Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headset and mouse mat. The mouse and headset feature PlumbBob’s that light up and change colour according to the emotional state of your sim! How awesome is that? The set is available here. I hope more Sims merchandise is released over the coming months. Does anyone remember the plumbob USB lights?

Are you looking forward to the new Sims? Let me know down below ^_^