Geek Galley: 5 Dream Kitchen Gadgets

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We all love our gadgetry, but if you’re anything like me you’ll like it better teamed with food! There’s some seriously impressive kitchen tech around right now; from 3D food printers to wi-fi grills, who’d of thought the kitchen could be so much fun?

Sage Smart Scoop by Heston Blumenthal

The Heston range of kitchen gadgets is getting bigger by the year, meaning my dream kitchen wish list is silly-long!

So much thought goes in to making the range of appliances extra special. Like this Sage Smart Scoop ice cream maker which plays ice cream van music letting everyone know it’s icecream time! There’s much more to the machine than that though. I’ll let Heston explain:

The Smart Scoop is available from John Lewis at £279.99

The Spherificator

Ever wanted to make weird caviare flavour fudge and marshmallow/lime and mint/corned beef and mashed potato caviare? Now you can with the Spherificator. This futuristic pepper mill-esque device – which looks like something you might find in Darth Vader’s kitchen – pops out tiny balls in any flavour you can dream up at machine gun speed (okay, not quite, but almost!). The Spherificator costs $149.99. Why not get two and up your food-fighting game (and regret everything when they melt on the kitchen floor).

Automatic Bread Maker SD-2511K

This super-slick range of Breadmakers by Panasonic will add a bit of class to any kitchen. The SD-ZB2502BXC is a great choice for those with special dietary requirements such as gluten intolerance. This model starts at around £129 and is available from several online and high street stores.

Totem 60 Waste Separation & Recycling Unit

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s a bin: why the *flip* does it cost over £200?!”. I honestly don’t know, and I don’t care. I just know I want the Totem 60 from Joseph and Joseph in my kitchen, stat! Look how neat and organised it is.

Smart Margarator Pro Slush Maker

The item description says it’s for grown up’s who want to impress party friends with fancy frozen cocktails, but my inner child is freaking out because if I had this in my kitchen I could have bubble gum slush puppies on tap 24/7! The Smart Margarator Pro Slush Maker costs £99.99 from


The GeniCan is a simple device that’s attached to the inside of a bin and adds items to your shopping list automatically.

Let’s say you’ve just eaten an entire packet of chocolate fingers – to yourself – and as you’re throwing the box in to the bin you think to yourself; “Damn! I could do with another box of those – all to myself. I need to add that to my shopping list.”, then you simply hold the barcode in front of the scanner and it’s automatically added to your shopping list! It even has voice recognition making it easy peasy for the government to spy on you to add non-barcoded items to your list too.

The GeniCan is available from preorder over on their website for $124.99.

Let me know your favourite kitchen gadgets below!

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