Get it Done with Bidvine: Find Trusted Local Services


There comes a time in every bloggers life when they need to up their game. For some this can mean a new blog theme, or taking a short course in SEO. For me however, it’s high time I had some professional headshots done. But with everyone and their cat owning DSLR and having a photography page on Facebook these days, finding a true pro can be tough.

This is where Bidvine can help. From their about page, they “make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple – and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions.”

The process:

Bidvine’s signup process couldn’t be easier, taking me all of two minutes to create an account and submit my headshot request. Just pop your postcode in the search bar on the Bidvine home page along with the service you require (everything you can think of is there – piano teacher; man with a van, or in my case, a portrait photographer), answer a few specific questions to give the professional an idea of what you’re looking for, and then wait!

bidvine specific questions

My Bidvine experience:

It wasn’t long before the offers started coming in via email. My first came within the hour from a great Manchester based photographer, followed by another from an exciting photographer whose experience includes working on music videos and ad campaigns with international oil companies! A day later came another from a photographer who specialises in beautiful wedding photography.

I’ve blanked out messages and quotes here for the sake of privacy but these screen shots should give you a good idea of how your account area works. From here you can easily keep tabs on current requests and offers.

The “Quotes” page makes it easy to compare offers and handy symbols like the “Best of Bidvine 2016” trophy and star ratings help to make trusted and informed decisions.


BidVine quotes


I love the simplicity of Bidvine. It’s so easy to receive offers from a high calibre of professionals by just ticking a few boxes. Something that until recently would have taken tons of searching, emails and phone calls. With Bidvine you get all of the information you need – links, portfolios, quotes and reviews – in one easy to access hub.






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