HoMedics DUO Salon IPL Hair Removal Review #SmoothForSummer

HoMedics DUO Salon IPL with Vanity Case - pink with mirror

Not all health and beauty regimes are created equally. There are those that are fun and relaxing, and there are those that are a total grind. Unless you are some kind of masochist, hair removal usually falls under the latter category. Waxing, shaving, tweezing. It never ends!

Just like beauty regimes, not all bodies are created equally either. Some of us are fuzzier than others; some parts hairier than other parts, and some of us are okay with that hair. I personally can’t stand the excess hair that PCOS has so generously gifted me.

I have different methods of hair removal for different areas of my body. Tweezing for the face, shaving or depilatory cream for the body. I haaate the smell of that stuff, but it works well for thinner hairs and doesn’t leave a nasty stubble. All of which take ages and are boring! The device I’m reviewing today promises to speed-up hair removal.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried IPL. I trialled a Phillips Lumea here on the blog a few years ago, but I found it time consuming and would often forget to do my follow up sessions. The results were great though when I remembered to use it, but I ended up selling the device when I sold the rest of my belongings last year.

Then, back last month, the HoMedics team got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try their new HoMedics DUO Salon IPL device. I’d regretted selling my last device so I jumped at the opportunity to try a newer model.

The promise

The DUO Salon is HoMedics fastest and most powerful IPL device to date. Inspired by Salon-grade technology, the DUO Salon uses a dual technology of IPL (Intensive pulse light) and AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) that enables the unit to deliver treatments which are tailored to each individual hair.

The DUO treatment is also the first home IPL device to have Active Cooling Technology. The idea is that these three combined will result in an experience that’s comfortable and pain-free for everyone.

Who can use the HoMedics DUO Salon?

Before I go on, it’s important to note that IPL doesn’t work on all hair colours and skin tones. Make sure you always check whether IPL is for you by checking manufacturer guidelines first.

From the HoMedics website, the HoMedics DUO Salon “is not effective on natural light-blonde, red, grey or white hair. It’s also not effective for very dark skin tones.”

HoMedics DUO Salon IPL review

HoMedics DUO Salon IPL Unit - Cosmic Kick

HoMedics really weren’t lying when they said this unit works fast…

The DUO Salon has 5 settings. When using the first two, you’ll have the option of using the AFT FREEGLIDE mode. Just place the device on your skin, click once to trigger the pulses, and immediately start gliding across the skin. The unit will automatically pulse away without you having to wait between pulses. Repeat five times to make sure you didn’t miss any spots and you’re done.

By using this setting, I covered my chin, upper lip and side burns in under three minutes. Not bad considering it was also my first time.

I loved my old Philips device, but I found it would make my arm tired after a while. The handset of the DUO Salon is much lighter. The trade-off is that; whereas the Philips device was cordless, The DUO Salon is wired. It isn’t a problem though as the cable is long enough to ensure you’re wont be dragging the base unit around the bedroom floor with you. Corded also means no charging time. Less waiting around = quicker treatments.

My first attempt didn’t work out so well. I’d only gone and left the protective sticker over the laser. When I realised my fluff-up the next day, I figured it that the treatment probably hadn’t been effective and gave myself another going over. This time at level 5 which was noticeably more intense.

You’re probably aware that you have to shave before receiving IPL treatments. I really detest the stubble that comes with shaving, especially when it’s on the face because – as we all know – shaving often makes hairs grow back thicker.

I have a few very thick, dark hairs on my chin. When those hairs receive a pulse it feels like a quick, deep sting. Like an elastic band snapping against the skin, only less harsh. It’s tolerable, and not nearly as bad as waxing. Plus, you don’t have to deal with waxing zits and ingrown hairs after IPL.

A day later I noticed a huge patch of redness on my chin. I’m almost certain that this came from my doubling up on treatments. It’s something the manual warns about. Over-treating an area will cause skin irritation, but thankfully this calmed down by the following day: Phew!

HoMedics DUO Salon IPL handset


I’ll be updating this section as and when I complete treatments.

It’s early days but I’m very impressed with the DUO Salon. There was barely any pain and absolutely no burning sensation. It’s light weight handset and easy to use features make IPL a breeze.

Update #1

So far I haven’t seen many noticeable changes, but I’ve only used it once and IPL rquires a few sessions to do it’s magic. The hairs definitely shed easier when tweezing (You’re not supposed to tweeze between treatments btw. I did so for the purpose of this review). This means the root of the hair is already being reduced. Yay!

Update #2


Hairs are growing back ever so slightly slower now. I know this as I’m having to shave less, and it seems like the roots are reducing slightly too as there’s no as much “grip” as there was before..

There was a noticeable difference in the pain factor this time around. Last time I felt virtually nothing. This time however, the pulses had a real kick behind them, actually causing me to yelp when it was on setting number 4! I lowered it to 2 and found it much more comfortable. No pain at all.


Arms are so quick and easy to treat with the DUO Salon. I was done in just a few minutes! I’m seeing impressive results on my arms, with regrowth slowing down after just one session 😮 ! Hairs feel softer too and slightly less stubbly.

Next time I’ll be starting on my legs in time for Summer! #SmoothForSummer

The next update will be in the last week of April 2017.

If you have any questions about the device that I didn’t answer here, ask away in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

The HoMedics DUO Salon is available to buy from their website, Argos and Boots for £549.99.

Many thanks to HoMedics for providing this product for review.

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