Clicks of Awesome #3

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HoloLens Real Life Mode.


Microsoft uploaded a new video of the Hololens in action this week and proceeded to blow minds when they demonstrated the headset’s ‘Real life Mode’. They used the example of an engineer working on designing a new bike in the 3D modelling design program, Maya. In the demo the engineer is able to take his design from the screen and produce a miniature 3D model of the bike on his desk. Amazing, but not as impressive as what he did next. With a simple command he was able to overlay his new design on to a real life prototype of the bike. The bike changes colour, parts are added and removed and we can even cycle through other designs! Watch the full demonstration over here.

Duncan Trussell on Twitch.

Here’s one for the gamers. My favourite American comedian and podcaster, Duncan Trussell now has a Twitch channel! He doesn’t stream often because of touring and stuff, but if you’re a fan of Twitch streams this is one account you should sub. You can find his Twitch channel here.

Genesis P-Orridge Lecture at the California College of the Arts.

Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle – the band that created the Industrial music genre in the 70s – gave a lecture at California College of Arts back in April, but I’ve only just stumbled on it this week. Genesis is an unique and thought-provoking person who has lived a fascinating life whist playing an influential role in modern culture for the past 40+ years. In this lecture, Genesis guides us through what inspired their art over the years. You’ll need a few hours, but if art and music history is your thing you’ll enjoy this talk. Watch here.

Giant Robot Battles! USA vs Japan, 2016.

A team of robotics engineers who go by the name MegaBots Inc has challenged Japanese robotics company, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, to a sci-fi style robot battle! In a video uploaded to their YouTube channel in June, MegaBots Inc gave Suidobashi one year to prepare their bot for combat. Earlier this month Suidobashi accepted the challenge, on one condition. The battle must be fought with melee weapons.

It’s early days so we don’t know for certain what the war-ready mech’s will look like, but we can assume that the MegaBots team will be fighting in a souped-up version the MK II Mech. A 15 foot tall, 6 tonne robot that moves via tank-style tracks. Their Japanese opponent is likely to be a combat version of their 2012 robot, Kuratas. The worlds first rideable mech stands at 13 foot and weighs 4 tonnes. MegaBots Inc hope that giant robot arena battles will become the next big sport and will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fuel their first match.

Quartz published an interesting article about the news over here.

The World’s Best Travel Jacket from Baubax.

ultimate travel jacket gif

Imagine a world where you are permanently equipped to sleep at a second’s notice, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Where all that stands in between you and sweet slumber is a few simple tugs of your jacket. That fantasy is now a reality thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign by Chicago based clothing design firm, Baubax. As a lazy sloth woman I couldn’t be happier!

Baubax has designed the ultimate travel jacket to answer the prayers of travellers everywhere. No more messing with headphone cords or bruising your forehead whilst attempting to sleep against coach windows. The jacket that comes in 4 styles, has sleeves containing hidden gloves in the wrists, the hood has a concealed eye mask and the collar contains an inflatable pillow. Pull on the zipper and out pops a pen/stylus. Need somewhere to store a phone, tablet or even a drink? This jacket has an individual pocket to fit all 3 and more!

Check out the video on the Kickstarter page to see the jackets in action.

How have you spent your time online this week? Leave your links to any interesting finds in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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