5 Gifts for 5 Mums: What Does She Really Want this Mother’s Day?

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Mums come in many forms. They’re usually the woman who gave birth to or adopted you, but for some Mum is also Nan, an Aunt or a foster carer. Whoever she is, the woman who spent time and energy ensuring you grew up into the *ahem* well-rounded, responsible grown up you are today *ahem* deserves something special this Mother’s Day.

My absolute favourite presents to give are those that are practical and interactive somehow. Things that I can use and continue to enjoy long after receiving them. For example, my Mum used to buy me a pretty diary every Christmas and whenever I opened it throughout the year I’d think of her.

I’ve always believed that the trick to gifting is to find a balance between visually pleasing and meaningful. You want her to like your present, but gifts that are practical will last far longer than flowers and chocolates – although there is nothing wrong with these either (apart from the fact that I destroy chocolates within hours of them being given to me…).

Start by looking at her daily life: What are her hobbies and activities? Her favourite colours. Her favourite scents. What is her life missing? Here are a few ideas of my own: 5 gift ideas for 5 different types of Mum.


The Retro Mum


Mathmos Copper, Orange and Violet lava lamp. Stro Lamp. Cosmic Kick Blog. Mothers Day gift ideas.

Astro Lamp in Copper, Violet and Orange – £74 from

Is your Mum’s home filled with mementoes from the sixties? Does she spend every weekend at vintage fairs, on the hunt for retro mini skirts and colour-block shift dresses. Or maybe she’s simply a hippy at heart.

Retro-loving Mum’s would be made-up with a beautiful, psychedelic lamp from this Mother’s Day. Mathmos are the creators of the lava lamp – or Astro lamp as they were originally called, and which sounds far cooler in my opinion! They have so many hypnotising colours. They even come in the form of a rocket! Most lava lamps you see in stores these days are silver, but the copper stand pictured above was the original colour of the Astro lamp, and seeing as how copper is back with a vengeance right now it makes a great choice for Mum!

Most lava lamps you see in stores these days are silver, but the copper stand pictured above was the original colour of the Astro lamp, and seeing as how copper is back with a vengeance right now it makes a great choice for Mum!


The Stylish Mum



Kreafunk Ahead Headphones – £79 from Amara

Everyone loves listening to music, but the stylish Mum doesn’t need wires hanging around her neck getting in the way of business. She prefers clean looking, well-designed tech accessories.

Danish audio brand, Kreafunk, has created this gorgeous set of pink and copper wireless Bluetooth headphones that Mum will love. They not only look beautiful but they sound amazing!

I’m used to listening to music through in-ears, so wearing over-ears took a bit of adjusting, but once I’d positioned them properly onto my (large, but perfectly formed) head I was able to hear a full base and clear trebles. (I’ll be writing up a full review of these very soon so keep an eye out, audiophiles).

This headset is so comfortable to wear and easy to use. The volume controls sit on one of the ears. A tiny, little light flashes to indicate when they are connected to a device. Oh, and did I mention you can take phone calls on them too?

They come with a charging cable and a soft storage bag. Check the Ahead out in more colours over at Amara.



The Working Mum


Parker IM Pen from Pen Heaven. Mothers Day 2017 feature. Gift ideas guide.

The Parker IM pen – £28 from Pen Heaven

The working Mum is super busy. You’ll usually find her rushing from one task to the next with a to-do list in one hand and a Bic pen in the other. While throwaway pens are handy, she deserves something a little more special. Spoil her with a fancy new pen from Pen Heaven that will cheer her up during late shifts at the office. The Parker IM is perfect for Mother’s Day thanks to it’s slender, classic design and comes in several gorgeous colours and patterns. I’ve been using mine for a few days and can confirm that it writes beautifully!

Close up of Parker's IM Pen - Mother's Day 2017 Gifts


The Home-Maker Mum



Queen of Hearts Range – Starting at £10 from Whittard of Chelsea

Home loving Mum appreciates the little things; Warm tea, snuggly blankets, new slippers and family nights in. The Queen of Hearts range at Whittard of Chelsea is a wonderful choice for her. Inside you’ll find limited edition mugs and teapots, painted with watercolour scenes from Alice in Wonderland, strawberry shortcake biscuits and strawberry hot chocolate. Delicious!


The Active Mum


Sketchers Go Walk 3 Trainers Stance Grey - Mothers Day gift ideas - Cosmic Kick

Sketchers Go Walk 3 Stance – £42 from Sports Direct

The active mum never keeps still. She’s lives to move: Dance classes, long hikes, bikes rides; you name it. So make sure she’s looking after her feet with a good pair of trainers like the Sketchers Go Walk 3.

I bought a pair for myself a few months ago and, oh-my-Gawd, they are comfy. Like tiny-little-angels-carrying-me-along-the-pavements comfy. I have a super-fun foot condition called plantar fasciitis (jk, it’s a total nightmare! Very common though) that means any walk lasting longer than half hour feels like I’m walking on nails: Not with the Go Walk 3 though. They’re a dream!

The shoes have these thick support columns that Sketchers calls Goga bars (a silly play on ‘yoga’) along the sole which make every step feel bouncy and light. They even help to centre your body when standing still. Your active Mum would love a pair; trust me.



I hope this guide has helped you to come up with a few ideas of your own. If you’re a Mum let me know your favourite ever Mother’s Day gift below!


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