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Relieve Tech Neck | PrezzyBox Mini Massage Cushion Review

Relieve Tech Neck AND Prezzybox Mini Massager Review

As I sat hunched over on the edge of my bed one blurry morning last month, I scanned my migraine ridden brain for a reason why my neck, back and shoulders were so sore and stiff. I decided it must be my pillows, cursed them and vowed to burn them first thing that evening when I returned home for their treachery (They’d promised to support me!).

“You’ve been writing a lot more lately”, W reminded me over lunch. “It’s working at your desk that’s causing your migraines”. He was right. The pains had started at exactly the same time as I’d started writing more. So I decided to take a few days away from the desk and, low and behold, my pains vanished.

In an ideal world, this story would end with me throwing out my torture device desk chair and never sitting at a desk again. But in reality, who’s able to do that? Office Angels reports that 63% of office workers sit at their desks for upwards of 6 hours a day! This seated posture is restrictive, cuts off blood flow, increases anxiety and over time can cause spinal deterioration.

Sitting at a desk and using a laptop is an essential part of blogging and running an Etsy store though. So instead of giving up on my writer and designer dreams, I set about researching ways to minimise the pain. Here’s what I found [I’m not a medical professional, so please, if you’re having serious pain, get to your GP!]:

  • This complaint seemingly has as many names as it does sufferers; tech neck, text neck, cyber slouch and nerd neck to name just a few.
  • According to research, physical exercise away from our tech doesn’t mitigate the symptoms of tech neck, but corrective exercise does!
  • Daily corrective exercises are a must. I love doing this neck exercise from Health and fitness YouTuber, Jennifer Hoffman.
  • Apps can help too. I’ve been using the My Neck app which sends you reminders and examples of how to keep those muscles strong.
  • Massage helps ease the pains that come with tech neck and tech associated back pain. It does opening up channels that have been restricted by bad posture and allowing blood to flow. Blood is then able to deliver nutrients to the spine resulting in faster recovery.

Thanks to the lovely folks over at PrezzyBox, I found out that even an electric massage machine can ease tension and pain.

PrezzyBox Mini Massage Cushion Review

I’ve been using the Shiatsu Mini Massage Cushion from MEGA-gifting site, PrezzyBox for a few weeks now. It’s one of the smaller types of massager at just 19x34cm, so I honestly didn’t expect it to pack much of a punch. But this little machine goes hard!

Set up couldn’t be easier. Just plug it in to a power source and drift off to a limber land of massage bliss. It comes with an AC adapter and a car cigarette charger so can be easily used on the go.

There’s 2 settings to choose from. The first is slow and heated, and the second is more vigorous and really gets stuck in to the problem area. I’d suggest starting off gently with a shiatsu massager as you get used to it. As with all massage machines, if you do it wrong you could end up pinching something you don’t want to and ending up in more pain.

I sat it on my armchair, placed it on behind my lumbar region, flipped the switch to the first mode, and spent the next 10 minutes repeating “O-M-G” to W. I felt my lower back and hip muscles relax and wondered how long I’d been that tense! Soon I got to work other areas. My upper back was grateful for the added heat. I have shoulder blade pain almost daily and the warmth from the massager relieves it every time.

The PrezzyBox Mini Massage Cushion is surprisingly quiet too so wont to bother anyone else in the room.

Shiatsu massagers work surprisingly well on sore and tired calf muscles! I use it under my legs on my bed and it feels amazing. Why didn’t I invest in one of these when I worked in retail?!

The PrezzyBox Mini Massage Cushion would make an amazing gift for a stressed out work friend. If you know someone who spends their days hunched over a desk, buy them one of these!

Do you suffer from tech neck? Let me know how you manage it below. Thanks for reading 🌟

Thank you to PrezzyBox for providing the mini massager for this feature.

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