Reverse Engineering the Home: #MakeTheFuture

Reverse Engineerings in the Home MakeTheFuture Cosmic Kick

Us humans are a wasteful bunch. Leaving phone chargers plugged in, clogging up landfills with old electrical items and plastic and generally causing a right old stink around the place. So how awesome would it be if we could go back to the drawing board, give our lives a makeover and create a more eco-friendly and energy efficient future for the next generation in the process?

Just a quick look around our homes will uncover tons of items that could do with a rethink: Why does drying my hair need to take so long, and why is it so noisy? Why can’t carpets clean themselves? Why does my PC have to get so hot?  Imagine if we could replace items that we consume a lot of, or that don’t degrade well, or that simply take up too much of our time. It’s time to future proof the planet!

Be Inspired with Channel 4’s Reverse Engineers

Fortunately for us, some of the biggest global brands such as Shell are turning their best minds on to solving the problems of the future.

In the Channel 4 mini-series, Reverse Engineers, Jamie Lang of Made in Chelsea, Rachel Riley of Countdown and Alex Brooker of The Last Leg team up with engineering experts who school them on the latest innovations in energy. Then it’s their turn to devise a use for the invention.

In the episode ‘House of Invention’, the threesome are challenged to turn plant waste in to an everyday product. See what household item they come up with below, and be sure to have a look at the rest of the series where they take on a coffee waste challenge, test out a fuel that can take a car from London to Moscow and half the way back on just 1 litre (mind-blowing!) and a paving tile that turns footsteps in to energy.

If you could reverse engineer anything in your life what would it be and why? I’d start with my bathroom cupboard. There’s so much waste in there!

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