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How the Right Bathroom Mirror Can Speed-Up Your Morning Routine

How the Right Bathroom Mirror Can Speed-Up Your Morning Routine Cosmic Kick Pebble Grey

Morning routines, for many of us, need to run like clockwork. From getting up out of bed to getting out the door on time. Most of us spend this precious time stood in front of the bathroom mirror doing our personal grooming in the mornings. But because of issues like misted up glass and poor lighting, the bathroom mirror is also often what frustratingly turns the morning routine into the morning rush.

So are there mirrors that can help to speed up your morning bathroom routine? Here are some ideas from Pebble Grey that show how the right mirror can help reduce your daily grooming routines and get you out the door on time.


Demisting mirrors  

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There can be nothing more frustrating than getting out of a hot shower only to find that your bathroom mirror, which you need to use to cleanse your face or brush your teeth, is completely steamed up. You then find yourself wasting precious time doing what you can to demist the glass.

Thankfully, there are now mirrors that come fitted with demister pads, which can help with this. These clever pads, which are hidden from view, heat the mirror so that any mist from the glass is cleared when you need to use it. This means that you can shower and then continue your grooming without delay, shedding valuable minutes off your morning routine.


Illuminated mirrors

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Bathroom lighting is another factor that can slow down your morning routine when using a mirror. Poor lighting can create shadows and darken your face that can make it difficult to see your true complexion. This can hinder doing things like applying makeup.

Illuminated mirrors are a type of mirror that can help with this. They’re designed so LED lights are built into the glass or around the frame. The lighting helps eliminate unwanted shadows, while creating light that is ideal for doing makeup or other personal grooming techniques.


Magnifying mirrors

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When it comes to applying makeup, you often need to be close up to a mirror to apply shades and lines carefully, delicately and subtly. This can involve having to lean up close to the glass, while being steady on your feet.

A magnifying mirror is another type of mirror than can assist with this. It’s made with concave glass, which allows you to see your face close up, without having to lean close to the glass. While this might not seem like much of an issue to some, it’s little adjustments like this that can make a big difference to speeding up a morning routine.


Finding the right mirror to speed up your morning routine

These are just some of the mirrors that can help speed up your routine each morning. There are other types that can help too. Cabinet mirrors allow you to store and have to hand all the essentials you need when using your mirror, while designs with digital clocks fitted allow you to keep an eye on the time.

When deciding on the right mirror for speeding up your morning routine, it’s wise to first think about what slows it down most, and go from there. Knowing why and where delays happen, whether that’s due to demisting or poor lighting, you’re bound to find a type that meets your needs. When the alarm clock sounds each morning, and with your new mirror fitted, you’ll soon find yourself ready, out the door and off to work with plenty of time to spare.


How to Choose the best Bathroom Mirror to Speed Up Your Morning Routine, Pebble Grey, Cosmic Kick

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