Travel Gadget Accessories that Might Just Save Your Summer!

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How do you like to carry your expensive gadgets around when you’re on holiday? Maybe slung in to a rucksack with a bottle of water, a ring of keys and makeup bouncing around in there? Camera slung over your shoulder on nothing but a strap? How about stuffing that new £500 phone in to your back pocket? Well, I’m guilty of all 3 – and I know some of you guys are too – but it’s time to stop. With gadget theft on the increase I’ve been planning new ways to secure my devices.

It was the reports about moped gangs in London that got me on this train of thought. Imagine being on holiday in the city and having your belongings swiped from your shoulder as you watch them whiz off in to the urban jungle never to be seen again.

Of course, we should protect our belongings from other factors too. So read on for some nifty gadget accessories that might just save your tech this summer.


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First things first: You (and I for that matter) need to stop slinging your camera lenses haphazardly in to bags with keys. It’s only going to end in expensive tears. A well designed bag made for tech will do the trick. Something like a Tumi briefcase, rucksack or suitcase. Many of these ultra-padded bags come with waterproof pockets and TSA-friendly compartments that allow for quick scanning of laptops without having to remove the item from your bag.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting a muddy music festival, or maybe you’re off on a surfing holiday and plan on taking your phone, make sure you protect it against the elements using a waterproof phone bag like this one from Vansky. It’s waterproof up to 100ft and allows you too film underwater.


So you’ve splurged on a slick new suitcase covered with a semi-unique pattern to make sure it doesn’t go missing easily at the airport, but you can protect it even further by adding a smart lock and a luggage tracker.

There are loads of tracking devices on the market, but I’ve got my eye on the LogLoc. It’s battery lasts for up to 2 weeks giving you plenty of time to get to your lost luggage.

Browsing the web abroad can be tricky at times. It’s a good idea to use a VPN when connected to any public wifi these days, but even more so when travelling. Installing a VPN before you leave will help you stay anonymous from local scammers and hackers, and will ensure your favourite UK based websites are accessible no matter where in the world you are. My favourite is CyberGhost which gives you 3 hours free or you can pay for a subscription.

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Power is always an issue when travelling, especially when on the road or camping. So it makes sense to plan ahead for any power issues you might run in to.

Nothing drains a battery like GPS. So before you leave your trusty home network, be sure to download the maps of the areas you’ll be visiting and save on roaming charges as well as juice.

Items that have multiple uses are ideal for travelling as they save space and weigh less. For example, the Pearl and the Pearl Mini compact mirrors triple-up as a mirror, a bright light and a power pack for charging devices.

Campers! Make sure to pack a solar powered light source and save that phone battery by not using it’s camera flash light. I’m particularly fond of this inflatable lamp from LuminADE (and by fond I mean I want 20 of them!). It flattens down taking up virtually no luggage space and weighs next to nothing!

Do you have a favourite travel gadget? Tell me about it below 🙂


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