Valentines Day Tech Gift Ideas for Him or Her

Choosing an exciting gift for a Valentine used to be hard work and many still settle on socks and aftershave for him or chocolate’s and flowers for her. Those are all perfectly nice presents (especially the choc’s!) but if you want to really spoil your significant other why not treat them to something practical that will last a little longer? No matter what age, guys and girls alike lust after the latest tech so gadgets make for great Valentines Day gifts. I’ve picked out five tech items that are sure to leave a lasting smile on your loved-one’s face.

Panasonic SC-NA10EB Portable Wireless Speaker

At the top of my own Valentines Day wishlist is a good quality wireless speaker for my new phone. I love this super-portable SC-NA10EB Wireless Speaker from Panasonic which comes with it’s own cover that doubles up as a stand. It connects to a phone using either bluetooth or NFC, has 20 hours battery life with continuous usage and can even be used to charge up your phone via USB!


If you have an adventurous Valentine a GoPro camera is a good choice. Whether they are in to extreme sports or extreme cooking, a GoPro will give them plenty of ways to get creative whilst capturing their hobby on film.

Activity Tracker

With so many fitness trackers out there right now it’s hard to pick one! My favourites are the Fitbit Charge which comes in a few colours and is one of the nicer looking units (I need the purple one in my life). Or the Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch: Not as attractive as the former, but it comes with a touchscreen and is packed with features.

Samsung Gear VR

Maybe your partner is a gamer or sci-fi geek. If so a VR headset is the way to go. Virtual Reality is set to be huge in 2016 with the Occulus Rift being released later this year. Not everyone can afford the PC upgrades needed to power the Rift though, let alone the cost of the Rift itself! However there is a cheaper alternative. The Samsung Gear VR is a great option for Samsung smartphone users (check compatibility before buying). Powered by Oculus, the Gear VR is a similar experience to the real deal but for a fraction of the price at around £80.

Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet

Got an artistic Valentine? Give them a graphics tablet upgrade with the Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet. Huion is a Chinese brand that produce high quality tablets at far lower prices than their competitors. For example the H610 is around £150 cheaper than it’s Wacom equivalent. Bargain!

Which tech gift from the list would you love to receive this Valentines day? Let me know below.

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Title image by Susanne Nilsson on Flickr

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