Exante Diet: New Products Out Now!

Remember back in June when I posted this review of Exante Diet meal replacement bars? I told you I loved their chocolate coconut bars – so filling and so convenient. Well, a few weeks ago Exante Diet sent over samples of some of their new products, including another delicious meal replacement bar. This time Lemon and Yoghurt (yum!).

Just like last time I was surprised when I started feeling full after half a bar. After all, compared to a full meal these bars are small, but they are packed full of vitamins and protein. The Lemon and Yoghurt bar makes a perfect breakfast or lunch replacement. Have you ever had a Rice Krispies bar? Well it’s similar to those but much more dense and filling. I have my eye on their Deliciously Different Cookies and Cream bar…


Next up is a Hazelnut Shake. Note: Don’t drink the shake’s through a straw in seconds like I did. Sure, sitting on your worktop they look light and liquidy (is that a word?), but once in your system they are so filling! Drinking the shake quickly is like eating a full dinner in one or two mouthful’s. Bloat-ville! Unfortunately (especially for my partner) this left me gassy for the rest of the night. My piggish-ness aside, the Hazelnut shake is so tasty. Sweet with a salty edge and definitely nutty. If you like hazelnut milk you will love this. I’ve tried their strawberry and chocolate shakes in the past and they were equally as good. They’ve also just announced Christmas shakes – Irish Cream, Chai Tea Latte and more. Nom!


Time for something savoury. How about Exante Diet Sausage mix? Yep, those are supposed to be sausages pictured above but I added a little too much water to my mix and sausages just weren’t happening, so I settled for sausage balls instead. The mix definitely smells and looks like sausage, but the texture isn’t quite meaty which isn’t a problem for me as I don’t always like meaty textures anyway. My sausage balls were filling (not quite as filling as the bars and shakes though) and made a tasty meat replacement.

My sample bundle also contained two microwavable items; a Sweet and Sour noodle mix and a Gooey Salted Caramel Pudding. The latter is a tasty looking microwave cake with a gooey centre (… Get in my belly!). I don’t own a microwave so I’ll have hijack someone else’s and report back in the future.

If you decide you want to try Exante Diet for yourself be sure to read their FAQ page first and check out their ‘Success Stories’ page for some serious diet inspiration.

On a more personal note, I am considering trying the Exante Diet for a few months after Christmas and if I do I will share my experience here with you guys. I have been overweight for as long as I can remember but lately carrying extra weight around has become a real chore. I’m looking at trying the Simple Solution plan which is suggested for people who want to up their exercise while steadily losing weight. The great part is that Exante Diet plans are versatile allowing each meal to be tailored to your tastes.

Have you ever tried Exante Diet or another Low Calorie Diet before? How did you get along?

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*PR sample. Opinions are my own.


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