Nourkrin Woman: Two Month Update.

nourkrin woman update two 2 month review cosmic kick results


[ EDIT: Read my final Nourkrin Woman update here! ]


It’s time for a Nourkrin Woman update! Remember back in June when I told you about my hair thinning woes and how I’ve been trialing Nourkrin Woman in an attempt to bring some life back to my locks? Well it’s been two months and so far I’m really happy with the results! The changes are mostly in how my hair feels rather than how it looks, so it’s hard to show you in pictures. The image below doesn’t show much change at all. In fact my hair thinning appears more extreme here than it is in real life!

nourkrin woman hair loss scalp head thinning

The most notable change so far is the speed at which my hair has been growing. It’s growing faster than ever before. Enough for my family to comment on it when I seen them last. It’s now at a length where I can actually wear my a messy bun that has some substance, which is a first for these thin locks!

Something I noticed early on is that the texture of the hair shaft closest to my scalp has changed. I think it’s producing a new oil (I don’t know the science here, so don’t take that as a fact) as It started to feel squeaky when rinsing my hair…I know, I don’t understand how either. This has made my roots feel thicker. Even my partner noticed it! I haven’t been using any new products that would cause this but I welcome the change!

A positive side effect of the tablets has been faster nail growth! I’ve been filing both finger and toe nails more often during the past 2 months as they’ve been growing so quickly and they are so much stronger than before.

I’ve seen no new hair growth yet, but from what I’ve read on the packaging and from reviews I wasn’t expecting to see regrowth until 3-6 months so it comes as no surprise.

Okay this one is a little gross, but after about 5 weeks of taking the tablet I started to develop spots around my hair line (only at the back of my head though) and on my scalp! I’ve never had this problem before. I haven’t tried any new hair products I’m guessing this is down to the tablets.

My hair feels much healthier. In fact, for the first time in years I’ve been tempted to dye my hair again, but I’ll hold off until the Nourkrin Woman trial has finished as I don’t want to effect the final results.

My final Nourkrin Woman update will be up in about 4 weeks time when I finish my three month trial. If you haven’t done already, be sure to read my first Nourkrin Woman post.where I talk about my PCOS related hairloss.

Try Nourkrin Woman for yourself!

Do you have a hair thinning story of your own? Let me know in the comments below!


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