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Nourkrin Woman: Could it Help With PCOS Related Hair Loss?

EDIT: Read my Nourkrin Woman two month update here.

I had an exciting start to the week when I began a three month course of Nourkrin Woman. A supplement developed for women who are suffering from hair thinning. You may be thinking “What’s so exciting about taking a supplement?”. Trust me, as someone who has started to lose her hair the prospect of putting an end to it is pretty damn exciting!

I’ve mentioned that I have PCOS here on Cosmic Kick once or twice before (that’s Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome for those of you with happy, shiny ovaries) but I’ve never really gone in to any real depth about my symptoms. As if the irregular periods, the recurring depression, anxiety and the lady beard aren’t enough, us ladies with PCOS often start losing our hair too! My hair loss isn’t extreme. I don’t have any bald spots. I have however been shedding hair at a rapid rate over the last few years. Especially the last six months.

My Hair Thinning Story.

When I was a little girl I had lovely, thick hair. So thick that my hair would often get matted at the nape of my neck, and I remember having these huge knots combed – and on occasion, cut – out the following morning. Ouch! Throughout my teens my hair remained thick and wavy (excluding the time I bleached it twice in a row and it started snapping off…but that’s another story). It wasn’t until I was 25 years old that I began to notice a change. My hair’s texture became frizzy and flyaway, and started to look dull in general.

I was blissfully unaware of the fact it was thinning until around 5 years ago when I decided to have a fringe cut (or bangs for my American readers). The hair on the top of my head was becoming increasingly sparse and suddenly my fringe wasn’t looking so great. At the time I attributed this to my use of hair henna and straighteners so stopped using both and let my fringe grow out. I began parting it on the other side of my head where the hair was much more dense and soon forgot all about it.

Skip ahead three years to me in a salon having my hair washed by a hair dresser who informed me how thin my hair was. She sounded surprised, “Oh! It’s very thin…” she said, which in turn worried me. It was the first time anyone had pointed out my thin hair. She wasn’t rude at all and I’m thankful that she let me know, but since then I’ve been cutting it at home myself. I’m worried that someone will take too much off and it will never grow back… I know, it’s stupid. In truth, I’m sure a professional would have some great tips on how to make my hair look fuller, but regardless, for now I feel more comfortable trimming it myself.

Why I’m trying Nourkrin Woman.

Everyone wants beautiful hair and I’m no exception! I’d love to have voluminous hair again. I no longer have enough hair to make a cute messy bun or a bouncy pony tail. When I scoop my hair up to tie it back there’s just a sliver of what was once there. It’s pretty depressing so I want to do something about it before it gets any worse. I wanted to try a natural product before resorting to something like the contraceptive pill (which I’ve never really got on with in the past).

It’s not just women with PCOS who suffer hair loss either. According to the Nourkrin website, 60% of women will experience hair thinning at some point in their lives, but no one really seems to talk about it. This sucks because it can be a really scary thing to deal with. I hope that by sharing my story and my experience with Nourkrin, that it might help others who may be going through the same thing.

How Does Nourkrin Work.

Nourkrin works by intercepting a disrupted hair cycle and restoring it once again to a normal, healthy hair growth cycle. To learn more about the hair cycle and how it can be disrupted, pop over to this page of Nourkrin site.

The site says that you should try Nourkrin Woman for 6 months to see maximum benefits, and that you should start seeing changes by the 3 month mark. I have a 3 month supply, so that’s worth keeping in mind for the final results. That being said, I have read reviews online where women state that they have seen results after 2 months. Now that would be nice!

Week 1 Nourkrin Woman Check-In.


The above pictures shows my main problem areas (try to ignore my wonky parting for now). When I first saw these photos I have to admit, I was shocked. Firstly, I had no idea how many greys I had (I’ll save that for another post), and secondly I had no idea that my hair had become so thin on my crown. I knew that my hair line was receding slightly and that the top of my head was shedding more, but not my crown. Seeing this made me more upset than I thought it would. You can really see the crown thinning in the bottom left image. The top left image shows how fine my hair is. I’m holding up a large section of my hair, but you can see my fingers through it easily. The overall condition of my hair is not great. Dull and flyaway. Blah!

My next update will be in 5-6 weeks time when I will let you know how I’m getting on with Nourkrin Woman. Hopefully we’ll see some improvement in the next post.


Have you experienced hair thinning? Do you have any advice or tips? Let me know below!


** I have been supplied with a 3 month supply of Nourkrin in exchange for an honest review.

I Tried Nourkrin Woman for 3 Months and Here's What Happened.




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