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Hair Transplants: Would You Try Them?


Female hair loss is something I’ve spoken a lot about here on Cosmic Kick. Regular readers will probably know by now that I suffer from PCOS related hair loss. The drop started around 9 years ago – way before I was diagnosed with PCOS. I first noticed it in photos. I had a fringe back then (that’s “bangs” for my American friends) and as the gap on my crown widened it started to look more and more like my fringe was sliding off my forehead.
Okay, I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it can feel when we start losing our hair. It can really knock a woman’s confidence! So far I’ve tried supplements, thickeners and have even painted over the patchiness with a root touch up kit (which worked surprisingly well might I add) but so far nothing has stopped the drop.

What causes female hair loss?

Most causes of hair loss in women can be split in to 3 categories: androgenetic alopecia, Telogen effluvium, and non-pattern hair loss. PCOS related hair loss falls under the most common of the three: androgenetic alopecia. Women with type have higher levels of the androgens testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (or DHT for short). It’s this increase that causes the hair loss in women with PCOS. It can be slow and unpredictable and finding a solid solution is often a process of trial and error.

FUE Hair Transplants

A solution that’s frequently offered to me by friends and family is hair extensions, but the problem with patterned hair loss is that often the hair loss occurs on the crown. Extensions are great for length and thickness elsewhere on the head, but not so much on the crown. So what options are left when all else has failed?
Many people are now opting for an FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction). It’s an advanced method of hair transplantation in which a highly trained doctor uses a tiny tool to extract hair follicles from a donor area of your scalp (usually the neck) and transplants them back carefully in to the problem area. The procedure is quick and almost pain free so requires just local anaesthetic and recovery time is much shorter than with previous methods.
FUE is an option that I’m seriously considering if all else fails (and when I can afford it!). What would you do if you were losing your hair; Would you try FUE hair transplants?

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