How to Make Your Summer Garden Party Shine


It’s not always easy to create a summer vibe in a UK garden, even in July. One minute the sun’s out, the next it’s pouring rain. But with a little careful planning you can create a memorable summer garden party that shines!


Choose a Summer Garden Party Theme

The right theme will get everyone in a sun-shiny mood, whether rain or shine.

Choose a theme that evokes holiday memories. Nautical Seaside or Tropical themes are a good choice.

For a seaside themed event, think beaches and fairgrounds. Serve fish and chips in cones, hot dogs and candy floss. Bring out the deck chairs, hang rows of bunting and don’t forget the ice cream.

Tropical parties are an excuse to go crazy with colour. Lots of bright and bold shades, fruit desserts and cocktails like this tasty Malibu number.



Prepare for Mess

Why settle for a party that shines when you could have it gleaming! All parties get messy, but left to it’s own devices a party can get filthy in a matter of minutes. Trodden food in the rug, sticky drink rings on furniture. Permanent damage is what we’re trying to prevent here.

The best way to keep control is to take time preparing for potential chaos and have solutions in place.

Bigger parties will produce more waste, so set up two or three marked bins for recycling.

Depending on your furniture you’ll want to protect your furniture with chair and table covers. Choose something bright to match the theme of the evening.

Prep a box full of things like sponges, disinfectant wipes and bin bags, and store them in a box marked “cleaning supplies”. This way, if there is a spillage and you’re not around, guests can easily and quickly clean up their mess. More importantly, they won’t need to go raiding your kitchen cabinets in a panic.

Lastly, have a look around the home for precious items that could be broken and lock them away until the fun is over.


Mood Lighting

The right lighting can turn a garden party from fun to magical as the evening draws to a close. Fairy lights are in trees or bushes, or wrapped around tree trunks always look gorgeous in twilight.

Tea lights in jars are another idea. I’ve pinned some nifty DIY tutorials on my board below.

Glow sticks are so versatile for decorating and can create some impressive effects. Pop them inside balloons before inflating them, stained glass tea light holders, or coloured lanterns.


Let me know your garden party tips below. Want more garden party ideas? I’m rounding up ideas over on Pinterest. Follow my dedicated Summer Party board here. 🙂

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